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Leverage Your Existing Credentials

Reactiv AUTHENTICATE is a set of integrated extensions that allow Reactiv applications to access data leveraging your existing user accounts.

This gives corporations complete flexibility to work with data on local drives, on-prem company network, or cloud.

Your data, your policies.











Your IT Will Love It

By leveraging existing authentication policies, Reactiv SUITE simplifies deployment and automatically complies with any IT policies already in place.

Your Content, Wherever You Are

Login to Reactiv SUITE, from any IWB, and instantly access your workspaces and content.

Close a session and pick it up again, seamlessly, from any other room, any other device.

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Slide Microsoft Active Directory Integrated secure login and network data access using user existing domain credentials.
Office 365 - Teams Integrated secure login and data access using existing Office 365 user credentials.
Google Drive Integrated secure login and data access using existing Google Drive user account. (Coming Soon!) Drop Box Integrated secure login and data access using existing Drop Box user credentials. (Coming Soon!) Single Sign On Integrated support for existing Single Sign-On authentication.
(Coming Soon!)
Kiosk Mode Locks down the PC and prevents unauthorized access and changes to the Operating System. IT Management Allows IT to manage application to meet security and data compliance requirements.
Folder & Content management Allow users to access their own folders and files, both on-prem or on the network. Peripheral Device Management Upgrade firmware, configure and manage supported peripherals directly from Reactiv.
VC Integration Users can launch mainstream video conferencing solution directly within Reactiv SUITE. AirPlay Cast any Apple mobile, tablet or laptop screen in the room, natively, with a click. Miracast Cast any Windows 10 and supported Android devices in the room natively. Chromecast Cast any supported Android and Chrome devices in the room natively. A/V Input Connect video inputs such as laptops and external feeds to display directly inside Reactiv. Webcams Webcams can be displayed in the workspace and manipulate as any other object. Remote Keyboard Use your Smartphone & Laptops as wireless keyboards. File Drop
Every device in the boardroom can wirelessly upload files and folders to the IWB. No plugins, no drivers, no downloads.
Integrated Browser Users can display and interact with any web content live in their workspace. Infinite Canvas Documents can be placed on an infinite canvas and layered with natural writing. Work with Any File Open, display and manipulate PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, all video and picture files.
Smart Insert Insert space vertically or horizontally and move content for better layout. Powerful Pagination Paginate any section of content and export to PDF instantly.
Multi Stylus Support Multiple users can annotate and contribute simultaneously. Smart Rip Rip out pages from documents or scenes from videos and create a layout. Open Any File Open, display and manipulate PDF, URL, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, all video and picture files. Revision Management Automatically tracks date/time and generates new document revisions.
Markup and Native Inking Insert ink natively into many common files, including Office documents. Manage Additional Displays Cast content on up to three additional displays. Enhanced Video Playback Open any video, resize it, zoom in or out, and manage playback instantly. Even annotate on the video and save scenes with the timestamp. Arrange & Compare Easily arrange and compare any number of documents, files, and videos side by side instantly. Video/Data Conferencing Seamlessly integrate voice, video conferencing and data sharing from remote teams.
(Coming Soon!)
Bi-directional Interaction Any team member will be able to manipulate documents and write from their own chair.
(Coming Soon!)
Archive & Distribute Users are able to drop documents from their email or hard drive directly onto the ‘Reactiv table’.
(Coming Soon!)