Touch Screen Art Software

Unleash your inner artist with Artistica.

Nurture your budding artistic talents or change medium from the oil and canvas world to the digital world. You can do all of this, and more, with Artistica from Vizetto.

Artistica allows you to create in a natural and fluid way, using regular paint brushes and other artistic tools that you probably have already. With very little effort, you can go from using paint and a base, to digital drawing and painting.

Watch a Video Demo of some of the features of Artistica.

Artistica is the perfect creative environment for professional artists and amateurs alike. Free your creative talents using the screen to express yourself, just as you would on a canvas or paper surface. It’s Intuitive and natural. You can use your existing paintbrushes, your fingers or sponges; in fact almost any object, no need to buy expensive custom styluses. You’re limited only by your imagination. Mix colours as you would on a palette, lighten and darken them, blend, blur, smudge – and, using the multi-layer capability, overlay them. You can even import a favourite photo to use as a template.

Perfect for educational and design applications, Artistica can be used for industrial or fashion design, automotive or architectural; the possibilities are endless. And if your creative juices change, use the multi-level undo or flip a layer or two to alter your design.

  • Just like paint on canvas or paper, no special tools required
  • Senses bush strokes and thickness
  • Mix colours in real time
  • Blend, smudge and blur to create realistic effects
  • Adjust colour transparency (density)
  • Use layers and multiple brush styles for added creativity
  • Import your photos or other images
  • Save your work with layers for future editing
  • Design in high resolution
  • Full-quality print capability