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A suite of apps designed to help you stand out, engage and connect with your audience. Open any type of file, pin your camera, elevate your presence and ink, markup and highlight to draw attention.

Reactiv STAGE, the digital table where you can organize, present, markup and arrange your content fluidly. Reactiv SCRIBBLE, the digital wall where you can pin any type of file so you can write, illustrate, type and create layouts that help you visualize. Together, they create Reactiv SUITE– Optimized to work with your favourite video conferencing app to create the best virtual meeting platform!

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Remote Sales Presentations are Challenging

Endless mundane remote sales presentations and virtual sales meetings, that have not changed in decades, can leave us feeling disconnected, disengaged, and exhausted by the end of the day. Most remote presenters simply log into virtual meeting platforms, share their sales deck and reduce their camera image size to a tiny thumbnails on the bottom of the screen. Then they go through a series of boring, linear slides for the entire duration of the virtual sales meeting. This dramatically reduces client engagement and information retention.

These types of sales meetings have minimal impact, so what’s the point of having them? How much time are you wasting passively watching poor remote presentations and virtual sales meetings?

Best Practices for Sales Teams

Differentiate yourself – When you sell face to face, you know the drill. Building trust and presence is Sales 101. Then why do we all stumble so much in our remote meetings? We turn off the camera, make our deck be full screen and talk and talk until our customers are falling asleep. Your presence is more important than your content. Your customer can read your deck faster than you can say it, just repeating the information that is printed is not effective. They need to see you and connect with you. Reactiv SUITE allows you to pin your image and make sure that they can see you and hear you. You are more important that your content!

Articulate your value – Just talking endlessly doesn’t mean that you made your point. Remember, we learn more with our eyes versus any other sense. You need to show your value visually. Bring up the customer testimonial video and talk to it with your remote sales team. Show the pictures from the installation that happened last week. Bring up your spec sheet and compare against the competition and highlight how your product is more effective. Don’t let the customer second guess your talk track by being visual and proving to them that your products and services are better.

Be customer centric – Give your customer the visual feedback that you’re listening. Pull up a note and start typing their concerns. Underline, highlight and mark up the document to reflect their comments. Being visual also allows you to capture your customer’s attention and create visual interest and emphasize the point you want to make.

Reactiv SUITE is the Best Virtual Meeting Platform

Pin your camera

Open your document



Reactiv SUITE is an interactive presentation tool that was designed exclusively to help you make your meetings memorable and transform your next virtual meeting.

With Reactiv SUITE, you can elevate your virtual sales meetings to new levels:

  • Be Dynamic – Easily bring in any type of additional content and media files on the fly as the conversation between you and your audience progresses.
  • Be Interactive – Present, take notes, mark things up and be visual so you can help your audience focus and build consensus.
  • Be Memorable – Be front and center with your content by bringing your camera up alongside your content, and not allowing the deck to take over.

With this tool, you’ll be able to perfectly emulate the in-person meeting experience in any online or virtual meeting. Regardless of which video conferencing software you choose, Reactiv SUITE helps improve your virtual sales meeting platform experience. You’ll find that your clients are much more engaged than they were in the past when you were just reading out text or data and that you’ll need to spend less time on calls as you’ll be getting a lot more done, faster.

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