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A suite of apps designed to help you stand out in your next remote meeting, engage and connect with your audience. Open any type of file, pin your camera, elevate your presence and ink, markup and highlight to draw attention.

Reactiv STAGE, the digital table where you can organize, present, and arrange your content within remote meetings fluidly. Reactiv SCRIBBLE, the digital wall where you can pin any type of file so you can write, illustrate, type and create layouts that are easily shared within the remote meetings. Together, they create the Reactiv SUITE– Optimized to work with your favourite video conferencing app to create the best remote meeting platform!

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Agile Remote Meetings are Challenging

Agile remote meetings by definition are hyper-focused discussions where teams present and share valuable project information, such as customer feedback, project updates, etc. These remote meetings serve more than one purpose. The goal is to ensure that the entire team is on the same page and there is agreement with the process.

Most remote meetings these days are boring, mundane and linear presentations where everyone turns off their cameras and watches a slide deck passively. We feel disconnected, disengaged and exhausted by the end of these remote meetings!

These types of remote meetings have minimal impact, so what’s the point of having them? How can we transform agile meetings for the remote and hybrid new normal?

Ordinary Remote Meeting Tools Alone won’t Resolve these Challenges

Many have tried to combat the challenges of remote meetings by trying out different gimmicks to boost their presence. Virtual and remote meeting platforms such as Zoom and Teams have implemented different presentation modes that effectively only increase the size of your camera in hopes that simply seeing the presenter would drastically increase the level of audience engagement.

Agile remote meetings, by their very nature, need to be non-linear and foster discussion. You need to move away from a static presentation to an organic conversation. You must be visual and make sure that the team is not only understanding but agreeing to the changes proposed. Engagement, participation and a common user experience is critical for the success of agile remote meeting.

Otherwise they are a waste of time.

Reactiv SUITE is the Best Platform for Agile Remote Meetings!

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Open your document



Reactiv SUITE is an interactive presentation tool that was designed exclusively to help you make your remote meetings memorable and transform your next agile remote meeting.

With Reactiv SUITE, you can elevate your remote meetings to new levels by being:

  • Dynamic – open up any type of content: images, videos, weblinks, presentations and spreadsheets fluidly as the conversation evolves.
  • Interactive – Present, ink and markup any type of content to visually express ideas and comments, generate notes and save ink back into the file for follow-up.
  • Memorable – Manage not only your content, but your presence! Be next to your content and dynamically alter the layout to serve your objectives.

With this tool, you’ll be able to perfectly emulate the in-person meeting experience in any online meeting. Regardless of which video conferencing software you choose, Reactiv SUITE helps improve your virtual meeting platform experience. You’ll find that your audience is much more engaged than they were in the past when you were just reading out text or data and that you’ll need to spend less time on calls as you’ll be getting a lot more done, faster.

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