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Most teams experience challenges with sharing files and when trying to express their thoughts and ideas effectively in a brainstorming session.  Simple screen sharing is not effective in communicating changes or new ideas. This problem scales exponentially when multiple team members connect remotely. Sharing edits across multiple documents can become extremely difficult.


Do your teams use a large number of software platforms to share ideas?

Is it difficult to communicate complex technical information and design changes using simple screen sharing software?

Struggling to capture various meeting notes, changes, sketches and ideas that are generated in a brain storming session?

Is there a lot of back-and-forth through email\chat required around your brainstorming session?

Your solution is here

Optimize Your Smart Board for Brainstorming

In any brainstorming session, sketching out ideas, switching between different types of content, arranging and comparing information can all become very tedious.  Using Reactiv SUITE can save every team member hours.  This results in direct efficiency for the entire team.

In addition, Reactiv SUITE gives you the ability to ink directly into a document, save and archive all the changes, the ideas, sketches and mock-ups, and reduce the workload involved in the meeting follow-up. It dramatically reduce mistakes, improves retention and allows your team to walk away from the meeting with a deeper understanding.


Quickly pull up and toggle between data in Excel, Word, CAD drawings in PDF, and a variety of images and videos.  Arrange and compare between different design concepts or easily compare against previous versions of the same file.  Files can be marked up to reflect any recommendations or changes and these changes can be archived automatically.


Sketching out new ideas? Reactiv SCRIBBLE offers a unique infinite whiteboarding canvas, which grows to accommodate even your biggest ideas!  A myriad of file formats can be placed on the canvas, pages rearranged, and new ideas mocked up.  The SCRIBBLE canvas can also be saved, paginated to any custom area and shared with team members for follow-up after the meeting.


Reactiv HUDDLE is a communications hub that allows remote colleagues and presenters to participate in your session. There is no need to email files or use products such as dropbox to share files either. Huddle allows you to video conference and share ideas instantly.  Reactiv HUDDLE even provides your remote participants complete bi-directional ability to collaborate and write as if they were in the room with you.

MultI Stylus support

2 people can collaborate & annotate on the same screen

work with any file

No need for additional Software

Powerful Pagination

Save & share the way YOU want

smart insert

Create any needed space between object / annotation

markup & ink any document

Using “Native Inking”, annotate on Word or PowerPoint and save your ink as actual annotation

arrange & compare

Arrange and compare with a simple click of a button

Multi Stylus support

SCRIBBLE supports multi stylus’ allowing multiple users to collaborate & annotate on the same screen on the same document or multiple documents.

Work with Any File

SCRIBBLE with its powerful layout capabilities, can natively open and resize any file format:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, PNG, MP4, AVI, and many more

Powerful Pagination

Dynamically create PDF pages in the middle of a meeting and share important sections that are relevant with the team. Save & share in three simple clicks.

The Communication Ecosystem for your Laptop

The Operating System for your Interactive Whiteboard

The Communication Ecosystem for your Laptop

The Operating System for your Interactive Whiteboard

Smart Insert

SCRIBBLE can create new writing space anywhere on the canvas by moving existing content to the left, right, above, and below. It also can lasso an area and move content to a new location using simple gestures.

Native Inking

STAGE allows teams to embed “native ink” into many different types of documents like Word or PowerPoint files.

Arrange & Compare any type of document or file

Reactiv’s powerful layout tool will allow you to open, arrange, and compare any number of documents, files, and videos.

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