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About Brown Puck Coffee

Brown Puck is a coffee roasting and retail company started in 2020. They prioritize quality and good service so that a cup of coffee’s value is more than just a drink. Their mission is to provide a better experience through quality and service for a sustainable coffee business.

The Challenge


Running a café can be hectic. Everyone has to be working in unison and on the same page in order to deliver top quality services and food to their customers, and Brown Puck Coffee understands this. The best way to ensure that all employees are of the same mind is to hold meetings to help them stay up to date with menu items and specialty service. However, the traditional meeting software and virtual platforms used just weren’t capable of keeping up with the ever-changing food industry. Recipes would change, menu items would go in and out of season, new innovations or trends would rise and it was increasingly difficult to keep note of all these changes using standard meeting software.

Brown Puck Coffee needed a way to visually and dynamically show these changes to their employees and connect themselves to the menu items they were serving.

The Solution


Reactiv SUITE was able to change the way that Brown Puck Coffee conducted their meetings. Transforming them from simple slides that would have to be manually edited outside of the meeting in order to keep up with changes to the cafe’s menu to a dynamic visual presentation that allowed for employees to be engaged. Reactiv SUITE creates seamless presentations, allowing users to throw any type of content up onto the screen to dynamically present data, jot down notes using the native inking feature to help brainstorming. By projecting Reactiv SUITE onto multiple large touch screen displays, Brown Puck Coffee was able to make their meetings far more interactive than the standard presentation platform.

Now, Brown Puck Coffee was able to create a dynamic presentation space that allowed for far more collaboration than usual. Instead of hiding behind menu slides, they can now transform their meetings into a unique and memorable experience.


Brown Puck Coffee’s Requirements Were Clear

  • The meeting must be interactive; hiding behind a fullscreen slide deck at home or clicking through slides on a stage is not engaging. The audience must be engaged in order to develop meaningful memories.
  • The software must allow Brown Puck Coffee to create organic, improvised notes in a way that allows them to highlight the focal points of their dishes and any changes that needed to be made, in real-time
  • The ability to clearly display, and seamlessly move between, multiple pieces of content without interrupting their meeting or requiring managers to spend unnecessary amounts of time making edits to the presentation outside of the meeting.

Make the Meeting Interactive

Each item on the cafe’s menu is unique and involves a large array of different ingredients and steps in order to make. Because of this, it is important that Brown Puck Coffee uses tools such as Reactiv SUITE to ensure their meetings are interactive. By interacting with their content in ways, such as highlighting important phrases and drawing connections between objects, as well as adding notes and circling key points of the dish, presenters and the audience are able to create a visually memorable experience that they can mirror later on in the day when they are tasked with creating these specific menu items.

Be Dynamic

Its important to arrange and compare the different dishes that the café has to offer in order to make sure that there is no overlap and that overall the menu feels seamless. With Reactiv SUITE, Brown Puck Coffee can now arrange and throw and type of content that they wish to become side by side for easy presentation towards their audience members. Instead of having to divide the screen, or minimize tabs, content can be presented side-by-side dynamically to ensure that all team members are on the same page.

Seamlessly Easy Meetings

With the ability to dynamically ink and present any kind of content file, café meetings have become second nature to Brown Puck Coffee. These meetings can be held on the fly and can be updated live during the presentation without the need to go and manually prepare any documents. By jotting down notes and making the necessary collaborative edits to their content, hours of time in the day can be reallocated from meeting preparation to other tasks that help the business improve.

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