Custom Touch Screen Solutions

Vizetto works closely with your team to develop eye-popping custom software that drives home your message in a concise but engaging and professional format that is intuitive and easy to use.

Retail In-Store Demos

Everything you do to simplify and clarify the messaging, or to make it more engaging will greatly assist your conversion rate, whether your goal is to get someone to purchase, sign up for a product or service, or engage in a customer loyalty program. People are more likely to act when they are presented with an engaging and informative interaction.  Interactive whiteboard software used in in-store presentations can also help engage customers when sales staff is busy with other customers, reducing lost opportunities.

An interactive car experience, customize the car, navigate around it, you can do everything

HBO approached us to create an interactive display to showcase their DVD launch of Season 4 of Game of Thrones. The displays were installed in the main main HMV store in downtown Toronto.

Rogers approached us to create an interactive display experience for their stores

Christie approached us to create an interactive display experience for their video wall


The average person in Britain or America spends a quarter of his waking life in front of the TV. Some say “it’s like having someone in the room.” Often, the TV is little more than background “noise”. To stand out from the noise and be noticed, your program needs to be punchy and different.

Custom presentation software can be the tool that provides that difference. Sharp, up-to-the-minute, lively, personalized, communications that speak directly to your audience, with interactivity that allows you to manipulate images, videos and other media live, right on the screen. Blow-by-blow interactive sports presentations; or analytical news, election or business reports; daily or weekly magazine programs; they all become much more interesting to viewers.

Interactive Video wall created for eTalk Television show as well as a “Selfie Screen” where celebrities can annotate on top of their selfies.


Engaging your target audience at trade shows can be challenging. Displaying passive presentations and brochures can adversely impact your pursuit of a prospective client. You truly need a solution that can attract, engage and convey your message to the masses.

Vizetto prides itself in bringing creativity, technology and engaging content together to offer a solution that works for you. Vizetto custom solutions will help you realize your trade show ROI by conveying your message in an engaging way. Give us a try and you might be pleased with changes in trade show traffic and lead numbers.

Our work

Product Demo software created for Canadian Tire Tradeshow


At Vizetto, we utilize technology in a very unique and innovative way. We create products and solutions that not only appeal to your end user, but will also help you realize your investment goals.

Creating an interactive and entertaining game requires a lot of energy and resources. Our diverse and experienced team of graphic designers, programmers and product managers can help you create a game or an application that can entertain your guests for hours. All you need is an idea and we will come up with amazing products.


Our Work

HomeWrecker (above)

Contestants throw balls at the screen and try to smash as much furniture in as little time as possible

Strokes (right)

A fast-paced painting game that requires a combination of skill, concentration and speed.

Custom Software

Artistica is the perfect creative environment for professional artists and amateurs alike. Free your creative talents using the screen to express yourself, just as you would on a canvas or paper surface. It’s Intuitive and natural. You can use your existing paintbrushes, your fingers or sponges; in fact almost any object, no need to buy expensive custom styluses. You’re limited only by your imagination. Mix colours as you would on a palette, lighten and darken them, blend, blur, smudge – and, using the multi-layer capability, overlay them. You can even import a favourite photo to use as a template.

Perfect for educational and design applications, Artistica can be used for industrial or fashion design, automotive or architectural; the possibilities are endless. And if your creative juices change, use the multi-level undo or flip a layer or two to alter your design.