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Customer Experience – See how RICOH USA leverages Reactiv SUITE to create the best possible customer experience in a remote environment


Ricoh USA is an information management and digital services company connecting technology, processes, and people. As part of a global leader, they create competitive advantage for over 1.4 million businesses and solve problems for companies large and small.

The Challenge


Due to the pandemic, RICOH’s customer experience teams were unable to conduct meetings in person, and thus had to rely on remote or virtual calls as their primary form of communication. With calls of this nature being so mundane, many found it to be difficult to effectively demo and elevate customer experience in a remote or hybrid environment.

This caused RICOH to wonder; how do you create the best environment possible for their clients during a remote meeting?


The Solution


By using Reactiv SUITE in their hybrid meetings, RICOH USA was able to elevate everyone’s experiences and bring customers and presenters together.

Customer Experience Analysts like Antoine Johnson are able to draw and hold audience’s attention in a Reactiv SUITE presentation. By moving content and inking key points dynamically as well as adding their own personal flair to each presentation (such as Antoine Johnson’s choice to use multiple cameras to show all angles of RICOH products), it allowed them to make their customers to be as engaged as if they were in a face-to-face meeting despite being remote.

With Reactiv SUITE, RICOH USA was able to boost their presentations and differentiate themselves in remote meetings and deliver a the best customer experience possible.


RICOH USA’s Requirements Were Clear

  • The meeting must be interactive; hiding behind a fullscreen slide deck at home or clicking through slides on a stage is not engaging. Clients must be engaged in order to develop meaningful memories.
  • The software must allow RICOH USA to effectively demonstrate their products in a manner that feels as close to an in-person meeting as possible
  • The ability to clearly display, and seamlessly move between, multiple pieces of content without interrupting their meeting or requiring analysts to spend unnecessary amounts of time making edits to the presentation outside of the meeting.

Bring the Meeting to the Clients

It can be hard to show off products and increase customer engagement in a remote/hybrid meeting. Many remote collaboration tools only allow for one, thumbnail-sized camera per presentation, which typically only shows the presenter of the content. Reactiv SUITE allows for multiple cameras all being displayed at once to help create a stronger connection between presenter and audience. Antoine Johnson uses this feature to its fullest capabilities in order to make clients feel as if they are in the room with him as he presents. He uses 3 camera angles connected to Reactiv SUITE in order to dynamically show off RICOH products. While the cameras are not all being displayed at once, he connects his iPad to Reactiv SUITE in order to manually control each angle as he presents, making the overall presentation flow far more than an ordinary remote meeting.

Be Dynamic

To have the best customer experience, your audiences must be engaged. This can be very difficult in hybrid/remote meetings as traditional hybrid/remote meetings have little to no interactivity with the audience. With Reactiv SUITE, Analysts such as Antoine Johnson are capable of throwing up documents, inking and broadcasting their products dynamically, in real-time as they present. Customers are able to see how each aspect of the product works as if they are in a face-to-face meeting and can as questions without having to interrupt the flow of the presentation.

With Reactiv SUITE, Antoine Johnson is able to leverage all the data on his personal laptop, or in OneDrive, and import them into the Reactiv SUITE presentation. With one click of a button, he is able to fluidly present, arrange, compare and ink up documents to draw attention. In doing this, he is able to keep a far higher level of engagement than he would get using traditional remote meeting software alone.

Presenting in Real Time

When dealing with customer experience, it is important that customers are able to see how to use products live in the presentation. This is hard to do in normal remote/hybrid meetings as product screens and displays are hard to show on camera with regular online collaboration tools. However, with Reactiv SUITE, Antoine Johnson is able to cast the displays of his various RICOH products to his screen, allowing his clients to see exactly what is being displayed on the machines at any given moment. This helps them better develop an understanding of how each product works as rather than looking at diagrams or screenshots on a PowerPoint deck, they are able to see Antoine Johnson operate the machines live and see how the displays reflect his actions.

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