October 23, 2019


Share any file with one click!

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, October 23, 2019 – Vizetto Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, is pleased to announce the newest Reactiv SUITE feature, File Drop.

File Drop lets users easily and wirelessly transfer files from their devices into the Reactiv workspace. File Drop is completely hardware agnostic and requires no plugins, apps or additional software. Users can simply connect through their browsers and drop files directly into the Reactiv workspace.

File Drop was created to minimize the time spent on transferring files onto the interactive whiteboard, and thus lets the presenter shift focus from pre-meeting preparations and connectivity issues to the narrative of their presentation.

Typically, the ways to share files from remote devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets etc., onto IWBs involved multiple USB keys, Dropbox links, and other email attachments, which in turn lengthen the time of meetings. With File Drop, users can instantly share documents, presentations, and other files without the hassle of additional hardware or software.

The added capability that File Drop brings to Reactiv SUITE further validates Vizetto’s mission to ensure the best possible user experience for the digital meeting space.