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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I install STAGE ?

You should download the Reactiv STAGE installation file here. Once you have downloaded the install file, run the installation and follow the onscreen instructions.

Which version to choose ? 32 bit or 64 bit?

For performance optimization and best user experience, we have built two versions of Reactiv STAGE. If your OS is 32-bit, choose a 32-bit version of STAGE. If your OS is 64-bit, choose a 64-bit version of STAGE.

Creating a presentation

How do I create, import and export a presentation ?

Please, refer to User Manual for detailed instructions on how to create a new presentation, how to import an existing presentation and how to export a presentation.

How do I add a screen saver to my presentation?

Screen saver or digital signage mode helps owners of STAGE to attract their audience by displaying a relevant message. Once the screen is  touched, the view returns to current presentation.

If you need to setup an attract loop, then you should enable the screen saver feature. It is advisable to use a video file as a screen saver. If you want to use multiple  images as a slide show, then you will have to create a movie using any movie maker program.

You can add any supported video file as a screen saver media file. Additionally, you can set the screen saver idle time (in seconds) as shown.

Can I import a web page to my STAGE presentation ?

Yes, you can import a web page to a STAGE presentation.To display web content from a STAGE presentation, you need to import the web page as an asset into your presentation content directory. Importing a web page/url is quite simple and intuitive. To do so, you should open a web browser, preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Go to the web page and bookmark the page that you need to import. Finally, drag and drop your bookmark to a STAGE presentation directory. That’s it, you are ready to use your web asset. As shown below, now, you can browse through a web page or take some notes on your web page by toggling the web control button.

Annotations and manipulations

Does STAGE support multiple pens ?

Yes. STAGE supports multiple pens. The number of supported pens depends on the touch hardware. For example, with ShadowSense touchscreen, STAGE will be able to support 4 simultaneous pens. Therefore, multiple users can annotate simultaneously on different documents.

Can I annotate on a web page or a video file?

Yes, you can annotate on a web page or a video file. A jpeg document is created to capture  annotations. When you save annotations made on a video frame, a time stamp is appended to the file name of a jpeg document. As a result, a user can refer to the time index, where the annotations or comments were made in a video file.

What is smart zoom?

Smart zoom lets a user zoom into a part of an image or a document. This revolutionary feature helps a user to use screen area more effectively. Smart Zoom lets you get into the fine details your high resolution document without having to enlarge the container area. In other words, a user can choose the area of a document to zoom in. For example, as shown in the picture, a car wheel and car headlight on the right front side are zoomed in without having to increase the size of the whole picture. Even though these two pictures are of the same size as the full car image shown below, they have been zoomed into particular areas of a same image.


How do I exit full screen mode without a mouse or a keyboard ?

STAGE supports keyboard and mouse less operations in most situations. When you are using STAGE in a full screen mode without a mouse or a keyboard, simply go to global settings menu and click on toggle full screen mode button.

How do I set secondary display ?

Please, refer to User Manual for detailed instructions on how to setup a secondary screen

How do I activate my Reactiv STAGE?

Please, refer to User Manual for detailed instructions on how to activate your Reactiv STAGE copy online and offline.

Can I use Rectiv STAGE offline?

Yes, you can use Reactiv STAGE offline if you have activated your STAGE license using an offline activation method. Please, note that while using STAGE in offline mode, you won’t be able to access any internet media files or webpages.


STAGE shows me the error message “Maximum Files”

If you see the error message as shown in the picture below then you have too many files in a single folder. You should break your folder into subfolders or move your files to some folder or a directory. You can have any number of sub folders under a parent folder. The only condition is that no single folder should contain more than 25 files. A folder can have 100 sub folders with 25 files in each sub folder.

When tried to flip pages, I accidentally move the document.

STAGE supports customization of flip speed. You can customize the page flip speed so that unintentional document movements can be eliminated. Please, refer to User Manual for detailed instructions on how to setup flick sensitivity.

Release Notes

Release Notes 1.0.7

What’s new in version 1.0.7

  1. STAGE now supports 6 languages – English, German, Korean, Polish, Spanish and Japanese
  2. Added multiple pen support
  3. Added a “Launch in explorer” icon to open a file location from within a presentation
  4. Improved web experience
  5. Bug fixes


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User Manual

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