IDAC is part of a group of companies, including Global Solutions and Urbit, that provide comprehensive technology solutions to the Mexican market.

IDAC is the official distributor of Reactiv SUITE; as a company they are dedicated to transforming the way people, and organizations, work by providing technologies that help innovation and growth. Their focus has always been to envision what the future will be like and to prepare for success. Today, that means empowering digital work with technology solutions and automating antiquated processes to increase productivity in business.

IDAC currently distributes a range of products including Display LED for public spaces, Ruckus Wireless, corporate digital cards and Transparent Business products.

Take your meetings and presentations to a new level

Meetings and presentations should deliver meaningful impact and be a springboard for action — not have participants looking at the clock. Reactiv SUITE combines the simplicity of writing on paper with the digital ability to share, communicate, and track changes in a dynamic and interactive environment.

  • The only tool designed to make your meetings memorable
  • Elevate your presence and stand out in any meeting
  • Engage your audience to retain more information and capture their attention
  • Accomplish more, better interaction, gain traction

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