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Reactiv SUITE integrates Apple Airplay, Google ChromeCast and Miracast so you can seamlessly share your mobile screen, your camera and any additional data in any remote meeting. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a customer demo, onboarding or technical training session, easily show, ink and mark up your mobile screen to make a point!

Reactiv STAGE, the digital table where you can organize content, present your mobile screen, markup and arrange your data fluidly. Reactiv SCRIBBLE, the digital wall where you can pin your phone and any type of file so you can write, illustrate, type and create layouts that help you visualize. Together, they create Reactiv SUITE– Optimized to work with your favourite video conferencing app to create the best virtual meeting platform!

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Sharing Your Mobile Screen Is Challenging

If you have a modern phone, you probably used Samsung SmartView, Google Home or Apple Airplay to cast your phone to a TV. Screen mirroring has been around for a long time, and it is dead easy for you to screen cast your device to a tv and show family pictures, watch movies, or even play games.

We are all stuck in endless remote meetings, but if you are in a job that requires you to demo your mobile app during a virtual sales presentation or customer onboarding session, how do you solve this problem? How do we show our amazing mobile apps in all sorts of online meetings? It doesn’t matter if we are doing a demo, a discovery call, we are in a training session, or a customer success call. It is critical that the customer can easily understand what we say and what we mean.

Point your phone at the camera? Wave your arms? Show a document with screenshots? All these methods are cumbersome and clunky.

Bring Your Phone to Your Online Meeting

What if you could bring your phone into your meeting? And just like in real-life, put it on the table in front of your customer and do a demo? What if you could make your customer feel like they are in front of you?

Reactiv SUITE can accomplish this! The software supports every wireless mirroring standard. Airplay, Miracast, and Chromecast are tightly integrated into the app. No apps to install and no cables to connect. Which means that you can mirror your screen, layer in other content like videos and manuals, and pin your camera as well.

Connect your phone to the same network as your laptop. Use the native screen mirroring tools already there on your phone – connect to your meeting as easily as you connect to your TV at home! Then you can resize your phone, pin your camera, maintain eye contact, elevate your presence and even draw, ink, highlight on the phone image. All live and in real-time.

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Reactiv SUITE is the Best Virtual Meeting Platform

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Reactiv SUITE is an interactive presentation tool that was designed exclusively to help you make your meetings memorable and transform your next virtual meeting.

With Reactiv SUITE, you can elevate your virtual meetings to new levels:

  • Be Dynamic – Easily bring in any type of additional content, media files and share your mobile screen on the fly as the conversation between you and your audience progresses.
  • Be Interactive – Present, take notes, mark things up and be visual so you can help your audience focus and build consensus.
  • Be Memorable – Be front and center with your content by bringing your camera up alongside your content, and not allowing the deck to take over.

With this tool, you’ll be able to perfectly emulate the in-person meeting experience in any online or virtual meeting. Regardless of which video conferencing software you choose, Reactiv SUITE helps improve your virtual meeting platform experience. You’ll find that your audience is much more engaged than they were in the past when you were just reading out text or data and that you’ll need to spend less time on calls as you’ll be getting a lot more done, faster.

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