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Our challenge is to provide the best products, services and solutions fit for the modern workspaces, schools, and corporations. At Newline Interactive, we create state-of-the-art solutions easy to use for everyone.

Our vision, your future. Get the most out of now.


Optimized for functionality with Newline products, this personal edition for smaller workspaces that allow you to work anywhere. Pairing the best-in-class Newline Hardware with Reactiv SUITE’s digital workspace creates an unparalleled user experience that elevates your hybrid meetings to the next level!


Capturing your voice in a pleasant way without echo or background noise, seeing you from the right angle in a natural way and having the opportunity to intuitively express yourself by touch and writing are needed to get there.

Newline has developed an all new concept that enables you to communicate intuitively in the digital workspace. A product that will revolutionize your working day.

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MIRA has it all! Being Newline’s most versatile display, this solution will fulfill nearly every need in the corporate workspace.

Suitable for meeting rooms, huddle spaces, lecture halls and offices MIRA is the proven successful solution.

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