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An online collaboration tool designed to help you stand out, engage and connect with your audience. Open any type of file, pin your camera, elevate your presence and ink, markup and highlight to draw attention.

Reactiv STAGE, the digital table where you can organize, present, and arrange your content fluidly. Reactiv SCRIBBLE, the digital wall where you can pin any type of file so you can write, illustrate, type and create layouts that are easily shared. Together, they create the Reactiv SUITE– Optimized to work with your favourite video conferencing app to create the best virtual meeting platform!

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Online Collaboration is Challenging

It is almost impossible to have an effective online collaboration session. The reason is we are boxed into a video conferencing platform that forces you to share a slide deck. These online collaboration tools are just designed for linear and passive presentations. By its very nature, true collaboration is non-linear, dynamic and fluid. You cant predict the course of the conversation and your audience needs visual stimulus to stay focused.

How can you collaborate effectively when everyone goes on mute, turns their camera off and passively listens? Effective online collaboration requires not only engagement but the remote participants must feel connected to you so they can share their thoughts.

Most whiteboards packaged with online collaboration tools are very limited and frustrating to use.

Today’s online collaboration meetings have minimal impact, so what’s the point of having them? How much time are you wasting on poor remote meetings?

What is the Ideal Remote Collaboration Tool?

Virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Teams are a great start, but simply screen sharing a deck will not allow you to collaborate. Most video conferencing and online collaboration tools simply focus on the content and nothing else. They don’t allow you to be visual and dynamic in your conversation.

As ideas get discussed, you must be able to easily markup documents, highlight section and help your audience visualize the proposed changes. The ink and markup have to stick to the document and the page so you can go back and forth between different ideas. You must be able to ink any type of content: websites, videos, documents, spreadsheets and PDFs. You must also be able to save these comments back in a manner that helps you with follow through and reduce work in taking notes.

These are the necessary features of an ideal online collaboration tool.

Reactiv SUITE is the Best Online Collaboration Tool!

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Reactiv SUITE is an online collaboration tool that was designed exclusively to help you make your meetings memorable and help you to transform your next online collaboration meeting.

With Reactiv SUITE, you can elevate your remote meetings to new levels:

  • Be Dynamic – pull up any content based on the direction of the discussion, from webpages, videos and documents to spreadsheets and even your mobile phone.
  • Be Interactive – visually markup changes, highlight key sections and take notes that allow everyone to stay focused and build consensus.
  • Be Memorable – so you are front and center with your content by bringing your camera up alongside your content, and not allow the deck to take over.

With this tool, you’ll be able to perfectly emulate the in-person meeting experience in any online meeting. Regardless of which video conferencing software you choose, Reactiv SUITE helps improve your virtual online collaboration experience. You’ll find that your audience is much more engaged, than they were in the past when you were just reading out text or data, and that you’ll need to spend less time on calls as you’ll be getting a lot more done, faster.

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