Use Your Device as a
Presentation Drawing Tool

Drawing, writing and annotating are natural presentation styles,
but why does today’s software make it so cumbersome?

You bought an interactive display or touch screen-equipped PC to add dynamic and interactive drawing to your presentations, but the touch-unfriendly software makes it too difficult to use.


Reactiv is Presentation Drawing Software Designed to Make In-Presentation Annotations Easy

Reactiv cuts out distractions and offers a simplified user interface to make presentation drawing in architecture, engineering and countless other areas a seamless and intuitive experience.


Write, draw or mark-up any file (including photos and videos).


Run any document, multimedia or web file from within Reactiv.

Second Screen

Display content from your primary device to a second screen or projector while also keeping a workspace viewable only to you.


Familiar, smartphone-like touch user interface with intuitive touch, tap and pinch-to-zoom gestures


Reactiv supports up to 10 different pen inputs. Let the team write on screen at the same time!

Use Your Interactive Display or Touchscreen Laptop or Desktop as a Versatile Presentation Drawing Device

Reactiv is Ready to Use

Reactiv is compatible with interactive display and touch screen-equipped PCs operating on Windows. You don’t need any additional hardware or even drivers to operate Reactiv.

Native Inking

In Reactiv, you can natively draw and write on any commonly used file, including PowerPoint, PDF, images, web content and even video.

Reactiv will also save your annotations in new copies of the original file in the original’s file format (without overwriting the original).

You can even digitally distribute or share these new versions (e.g. with a class or colleagues) without printing or photocopying.

Reactiv Can Run Documents, Multimedia and Web Content

You can run almost every common file format inside Reactiv, including web pages, high-definition videos and high-resolution photos.

You don’t need to open multiple applications, just store the files you need for your presentation drawing demonstration in Reactiv’s launch folder and get to drawing or annotating as you would naturally on paper.

Open Your Files with Ease

A big challenge with presentation drawing is the difficulty of often just pulling up the files you want to annotate, especially during a meeting, presentation or other time-sensitive situations.

Reactiv eases the file launch process by running every file format natively and letting you access what you need from a simple file launcher (instead of layers of menus or other applications).

In addition, the entire navigation process in Reactiv is built on familiar, touch-friendly user controls. No need for manuals or video tutorials, just use Reactiv as you would your smartphone.

Simplified Second Screen/Projection

Reactiv offers an intelligent approach to projecting to a second screen by simply showing the presentation side to the audience while keeping also keeping a space (viewable only to you).

Our second screen integration is powerful enough to let your audience see your drawing or annotations on the big screen in real-time.

Team Presentation Drawing

Reactiv can auto-detect 10 distinct touch inputs, including finger, pen and eraser. You can have up to 10 people write and draw on the same device at the same time, even on different files!

Make Presentation Drawing a Reality with Reactiv

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