Transform Your Home Office Into A Home Boardroom


Simple Screen Sharing Isn’t Working!

  • Are your video conference calls just becoming simple voice calls because no one sees the need to turn on their cameras?
  • Do you find yourself struggling to explain complex concepts using simple screen sharing?
  • Are you having difficulty seeing someone else’s thought process in a remote meeting session?
  • Do you wish that you could simply reach into your computer screen and show the remote participants what you mean?

Your Home Boardroom

Bring your colleagues, clients, and remote team members into your Home Boardroom with Reactiv SUITE Pro and deliver an engaging presentation from anywhere.

Reactiv SUITE Pro uses your laptop or PC to deliver the ultimate Interactive Whiteboard experience. It includes the complete ecosystem of apps needed for all of your collaboration sessions, in a single environment. No longer do you need to cobble together a disparate set of third-party software applications that don’t work well together.

Simple To Install And Easy To Personalize

Reactiv SUITE is a single-click install on any PC running Windows OS, there is no need to change anything in your PC’s settings as Reactiv SUITE is just another application.

Work with files on your laptop and store your markup exactly where you want. Leverage your existing credentials and honour all of your organization’s policies. No need to change or compromise.


The “Operating System” For Your IWB

Keyboard, Mouse, Touch & Stylus

Use your preferred input devices and don’t compromise! Get the same user experience as the Interactive Whiteboard regardless of the capabilities of your personal device.

Simply drag and drop files to add them to your workspace, drag folders and create new workspaces, use keyboard shortcuts to effectively present and leverage your mouse to duplicate all the gestures. Of course, you can still utilize your laptop’s touch screen and stylus for an enhanced experience.

Secure & Private

Reactiv SUITE does not transmit, copy, or host your data on our servers. In reality, Reactiv SUITE can even work without an Internet connection – ideal for the most secure environments!

You will be able to access your workspace through the existing authentication protocols currently set up for your computer, including over a VPN, to ensure automatic compliance with your company’s IT policies.


Your Home Boardroom

Reactiv SUITE PRO Includes
  • Elevate your presentations and become a powerful storyteller.
  • Present any combination of content – like pictures, decks, documents, videos, websites.
  • Displayed, organize, manipulate and annotate on content.
  • Improve the speed and the accuracy of capturing audience feedback and meeting results.
  • Convert your passive audiences into active participants and contributors.
  • Content can be ‘pinned’ where pages can be ripped out, arranged and inked upon.
  • At the end of the meeting, organize and paginate your work and share effortlessly with everyone.
  • Simplifies complex ideas, visually communicates concepts and intent, and allows teams to capture decisions.

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