Because your needs differ from the boardroom to your home office.

Reactiv SUITE is available in different configurations, specifically optimized for your environment.

Product Configuration

Reactiv SUITE is a software ecosystem, built for different types of meetings and environments, designed to be your collaboration hub.

This ecosystem is composed of multiple applications that enhance and provide the workflows involved in various meetings such as presentation, ideation and remote collaboration sessions. In addition, services and extensions are integrated that allow different formats and sources of data to be unlocked, processed and displayed – depending on how the end user is accessing Reactiv.

Reactiv SUITE is available in multiple configurations – each optimized for different types of hardware endpoints; laptops for personal use in a home office, versus Interactive White Boards for use in public spaces such as conference and huddle rooms.

Real Life Use Case Examples

The perfect solution for multiple people using Reactiv SUITE throughout the day in public spaces such as: boardrooms, conference rooms and huddle rooms. This product integrates key features that allow the solution to be operated, be configured and managed in these environments.

Reactiv SUITE IWB is designed to simplify rollout across the corporation, minimising support and IT headaches.

Designed For Shared Spaces

Key Features

  • Shared space edition
  • Multi-user authentication
  • Boardroom hardware, A/V Integration
  • In-room device sharing and connectivity
  • Optimized for pen and multi-touch
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Reactiv SUITE PRO is designed with a single user in mind. It offers the same applications, user functionalities and workflows but reduces various connectivity and peripheral interoperability capabilities, which are not pertinent in a home office environment.

The user will log in to the underlying operating system using their own credentials and unlock all network resources outside of the Reactiv SUITE environment. Reactiv leverages the existing user rights, just like any other Windows-based application.

Designed For Personal Devices

Key Features

  • Personal Edition
  • Single user, Windows user
  • Optimized for keyboard and mouse
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What Is Included?

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Discover The Reactiv SUITE Ecosystem

The Reactiv SUITE Eco-system
ReactiveStage Logo Cap
  • Elevate your presentations and become a powerful storyteller.
  • Present any combination of content – like pictures, decks, documents, videos, websites.
  • Displayed, organize, manipulate and annotate on content.
  • Improve the speed and the accuracy of capturing audience feedback and meeting results.
  • Convert your passive audiences into active participants and contributors.
  • Content can be ‘pinned’ where pages can be ripped out, arranged and inked upon.
  • At the end of the meeting, organize and paginate your work and share effortlessly with everyone.
  • Simplifies complex ideas, visually communicates concepts and intent, and allows teams to capture decisions.
  • Allow your employees, partners and customers to simultaneously collaborate and participate as if they were sitting across – regardless of their location.
  • Not only share video and audio, but every participant can seamlessly interact – share files, ink and manipulate content.
  • Increase engagement as everyone can be a presenter – leveraging the capabilities and the benefits of Reactiv STAGE and Reactiv SCRIBBLE.

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