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Hardware certification process to guarantee third party hardware compatibility and performance.

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The rBoard alliance is a group of companies that share a common commitment to bringing the highest standards and user experience to the interactive whiteboard and remote work market.

Hardware Matters


The modern conference space is filled with a dizzying array of technologies – everything from flat panel displays, projectors and interactive whiteboards to wireless dongles, HDMI capture cards, microphones, speakers and webcams – but these items don’t necessarily work together cohesively or easily.

Wireless connectivity standards such as Airplay, Chromecast, and Miracast must be combined with HDMI input cables and control systems in an attempt to tie these disparate technologies together and provide a consistent and simple user experience.

The few complete solutions that exist force your organization to live within their silo.

rBoard represents a new option that offers more flexibility for the customer and a greater opportunity for channel partners to compete.

In addition, the rBoard minimizes support and increases reliability. Standardized and approved hardware will reduce the number of configurations and allow for seamless global deployment.

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What is a rBoard?

  • Supercharged Interactive Whiteboard fully tested and optimized for Reactiv SUITE to guarantee the best possible performance.
  • A product that puts the user experience above everything else and delivers the closest to the natural writing experience, mimicking the feel and fluidity of pen on paper.
  • Plug and play device that seamlessly integrates all the peripherals in your conference room required for a holistic experience.
Benefits of rBoard Certification

Technology Providers

  • The certification guarantees the support of your technology or peripheral device in the Reactiv eco-system
  • We will integrate your API/SDK stack to create custom features and interfaces
  • Leverage your technology to provide additional features and provide continuous testing against all future builds

End Customers

  • Remove the complexity from the buying process
  • Plug and play device that will maximize your user’s experience
  • Simplify deployment, maintenance, maximize uptime and ultimately deliver you the highest ROI

Solution Providers

  • Work with us to create the ultimate solution that integrates the best in class technologies to create a value proposition that can compete against the best of the market
  • We will ensure that all components of the hardware solution are supported, tested and we will work with you to create custom features that will differentiate the product in the market

Enhanced Touch

Pen-on-paper writing experience, passive shape recognition, multi-stylus, low latency and much more!

Enhanced Compute

Interact with any number of documents, 4K videos, and high-res images without struggling.

Motion Sensor

Enable and disable Motion Sensors to track activity in the boardroom

Multiple Displays

Up to three secondary displays to mirror different files, or your entire workspace, live!

Remote Keyboard

Hardware interface that allows any in-room laptop / mobile devices to be used as a wireless keyboard!

Integrated A/V Peripherals

HD camera, speakers, power supplies, fully integrated, no visible

Enhanced Touch

Passive shape recognition
Stylus to write, eraser to erase, fingers to interact, no battery, it is that simple

Low latency
A writing experience as smooth as using a pen on paper

Multi-stylus / Multi-user
Multi user at the same time on the same IWB, using stylus eraser and moving content all at the same time

Enhanced Compute

The wrong PC will hold back your productivity.

Intel i7 – 8 core CPU: for a smooth multitasking experience

Nvidia Quadro GPU: Pro-grade dedicated graphic card for a lag-free experience, whatever the numbers of files or videos open at the same time

Four 4k 60Hz outputs: Add  up to three secondary screen to extend your workspace and enhance your presentations

NVMe SSD: 10 times faster than regular SSD, for blazingly fast loading and saving time

Multiple Displays Outputs

An rBoard allow you to easily extend your workspace with the native support of up to three 4k secondary displays. You can show separate content in each of them, live, at the same time.

Remote Keyboard

Simply use your mobile / laptop / tablet as a keyboard for the IWB.

  • Type your passwords discreetly, no more giant on-screen keyboards that are a security risk
  • Seamlessly copy-paste complex weblinks

Motion Sensor

Enable and disable Motion Sensors to track activity in the boardroom, change the Timer to anywhere between 5 minutes to 1 hour, and control power actions such as Locking the Session or Managing the Projector.

Integrated A/V Peripherals

HD camera, speakers, power supplies, fully integrated, no visible

  • 4K sensor for lossless zoom
  • Face and people detection for room counts
  • Auto-framing for best room view

Fully integrated height Motor Control

  • Integration within Reactiv SUITE user interface for maximum efficiency
  • Set the height directly on the screen, or select pre-saved heights
  • Improves user experience and productivity for any user size, for any work assignment.
  • Compact and telescoping design minimizes storage and transport requirements

Base Solution

Off-the-shelf solutions that have been thoroughly tested and certified to deliver the user experience that is expected and required by Reactiv SUITE customers. While most of the basic features will work, some advanced capabilities will not be supported, depending on the model and manufacturer.  There is limited to no customization and integration of peripherals.


  • < 10ms latency
  • Passive touch\stylus\eraser detection
  • Excellent writing and stylus performance with natural response
  • Multi stylus support through standard Windows API


  • Discrete GPU
  • WiDi capable NIC for Miracast support
  • i7 CPU
  • Solid-state Drive
  • 16GB RAM or more
  • VPRO support
  • Dual-band wifi NIC
  • Mobile hot spot support


  • HD 1080P
  • 25+ fps
  • Wide angle image capture


  • Simple out-of-the-box setup, deployment
  • Consistent hardware and PC image
  • Cable management for computer and associated hardware
  • Single power cord with no additional hookups necessary


  • 4K Resolution @ 60 fps native
  • AG/AR coated glass
  • Conducive to touch – smooth, doesn’t leave fingerprints
  • < 70 ms display latency
  • Thin glass with low parallax for user experience


  • Integrated active speakers
  • Integrated microphone for conferencing

rBoard +

Advanced Solution

These products are designed and engineered, with direct collaboration from our team, to deliver the ultimate Reactiv SUITE experience.  Not only will these solutions support every current feature and capability of Reactiv SUITE but the hardware and peripherals are deeply integrated into Reactiv SUITE to provide the ultimate user experience and simplicity in support and deployment.


  • Superior writing & lower latency
  • Remote keyboard for IWB control
  • Integrated GPIO for sensor integration
  • Integrated RS232 for third party hardware control
  • Touch based display OSD control


  • NVMe Solid-state Drive
  • Wifi 6 (802. 11 AX)
  • Multiple Discrete GPU accelerated 4k outputs


  • 4K sensor for lossless zoom
  • Face and people detection for room counts
  • Auto-framing for best room view
  • Integrated PTZ control
  • Background blur capability
  • Integrated object tracking
  • Free/Busy/Release notification for rooms


  • Computer, A\V all integrated into one system


  • Software control for OSD menu
  • Optically bonded


  • Active noise cancellation

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