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Our core belief is that hardware should never hold back the user experience. Our users are expecting seamless performance and fluid user interface, regardless of the complexity of the workflow, just like their smartphones.


rBoard brings together world-class hardware partners and cutting-edge technologies, that are integrated into a complete solution.


Guaranteed to bring you the best user experience possible.

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Enhanced Touch

Pen-on-paper writing experience, passive shape recognition, multi-stylus, low latency and much more!

Enhanced Compute

Interact with any number of documents, 4K videos, and high-res images without struggling.

Motion Sensor

A welcome security feature


Multiple Displays

Up to three secondary displays to mirror different files, or your entire workspace, live!

Remote Keyboard

Hardware interface that allows any in-room laptop / mobile devices to be used as a wireless keyboard!

Enhanced Touch

Passive shape recognition
Stylus to write, eraser to erase, fingers to interact, no battery, it is that simple

Low latency
A writing experience as smooth as using a pen on paper

Multi-stylus / Multi-user
Multi user at the same time on the same IWB, using stylus eraser and moving content all at the same time

Enhanced Compute

The wrong PC will hold back your productivity.

Intel i7 – 8 core CPU: for a smooth multitasking experience

Nvidia Quadro GPU: Pro-grade dedicated graphic card for a lag-free experience, whatever the numbers of files or videos open at the same time

Four 4k 60Hz outputs: Add  up to three secondary screen to extend your workspace and enhance your presentations

NVMe SSD: 10 times faster than regular SSD, for blazingly fast loading and saving time

Multiple Displays Outputs

An rBoard allow you to easily extend your workspace with the native support of up to three 4k secondary displays. You can show separate content in each of them, live, at the same time.

Remote Keyboard

Simply use your mobile / laptop / tablet as a keyboard for the IWB.

  • Type your passwords discreetly, no more giant on-screen keyboards that are a security risk
  • Seamlessly copy-paste complex weblinks

Motion Sensor

Enable and disable Motion Sensors to track activity in the boardroom, change the Timer to anywhere between 5 minutes to 1 hour, and control power actions such as Locking the Session or Managing the Projector.

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