Reactiv PITCH

A new app that allows anyone to deliver a powerful presentation with just a couple of clicks! Reactiv PITCH dramatically simplifies getting started and guides you through the process.

  • Simply pick a presentation file, type in a URL or select a mobile device
  • Select a background, even load your own
  • And use an existing template to deliver an engaging and interactive presentation



FREEMIUM version

Reactiv SUITE now offers a FREE version! Leverage the tool for great presentations, with a few features disabled (branding and saving ink) and create engaging experiences with no obligation. Leverage neuroscience to improve your presentation and help your audiences to remember you and your message.

Once 30 day trial expires automatically reverts to FREEMIUM mode.


The workspace media dock contains a new tab. The Library can be used to create read-only shortcuts to commonly used folders on your computer and network drives. This allows you to quickly access any presentation file, video, or media that you commonly use in a presentation without having to copy them individually.

When you open a Library object to present, ink and then save, it automatically saves it back to your active workspace.

Camera Configuration

We added a lot of functionality to cameras.

  • Add your name, title and corporate logo to your image and create a more broadcast like experience
  • New configuration icon in the camera toolbar allows you to customize features
  • Add a Video MUTE image when you need to turn off the camera
  • Add a tag so you can label the use of the camera: Audience, Presenter, Room, etc.





STAGE – Change Background

New icon on the background toolbar of STAGE allows you to easily change the current background image. Customize the workspace with your logos or your customers’ branding to create a personalized meeting experience.



YouTube Links

All YouTube Links open in full screen ‘embed video’ mode. Ads and other distractions are eliminated for a cleaner presentation.

Add a YouTube link using the ADD URL button or embed a YouTube link into your presentation, when the video launches all YouTube interfaces are hidden.

Live Hyperlinks

Word and PowerPoint documents with hyperlinks are now clickable. Easily navigate to the site by just clicking on the embedded link and a browser will automatically pop up in the workspace.

PowerPoint Speaker Notes Support

Presenters can now open a window containing their notes in PowerPoint during their presentation. Click the notes button and a new window will appear, that can be positioned onto a second monitor out of view of your audience.

Rotate Object Icon

Use the icon to rotate object with your mouse easily.

Snap Rotations

Long press on icon to enable\disable rotation snap to 90 degrees. Disabling rotation snap allows you to rotate an arbitrary angle, ideal for design meetings.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Various keyboard shortcuts to make the app easier to use on a laptop.

  • CTRL+X – close the active document
  • ESC – toggle fullscreen mode on the active document
  • ALT+1 – switch to pen
  • ALT+2 – switch to highlighter
  • TAB – select next document
  • SPACE – Play/Pause video
  • LEFT/RIGHT arrow – Next page/Prev page in a document or FF/RW in a video

Sort Library Content

Use this button to sort your content in the presentation, alphabetically or by date and time.

Screen Record

Users can record and save video directly from Reactiv, without using third party applications. Create and share recordings of your meetings or create content for social media distribution.

Saved recordings will be stored in the root workspace directory.

  • Improved load time and stability
  • Decreased installation file size by almost 50%
  • PIP cameras remember last state, so you don’t have to resize and reposition them every time they are used

Native Support for Excel Documents

They now open as worksheets with columns, rows, UI to manage sheet view.

Excel documents now support native ink

Save ink and markup so you can edit in Excel. Complete support for all Office documents

Dramatic performance improvements for webcams and A/V devices

Direct GPU rendering of all cameras allows for full video frame rates and high resolutions.

All toolbars, menus and windows dynamically scale to support a wide range of laptop resolutions and DPI settings.

Calendar Meeting Alarm

Reactiv IWB will send a pop-up notification when meeting time approaches to help remind users of upcoming events.

One-Click launch for Google Meet & Webex Meetings

Using Reactiv SUITE IWB’s integrated room calendar

Settings menu all react to laptop resolutions and DPI settings and dynamically resize. In addition, a variety of menus have been refactored to make them easier to use with laptop and mouse

Lasso selection can be resized using mouse & touch pad – just grab the corners and resize

Add URL to any project easily using the button in the library bar

Ability to retrieve product license directly from the app – key will be emailed to the email address entered on activation

Misc. Updates

  • Double click on document thumbnail to bring it up to the workspace
  • Click on the page numbers of a document to navigate next\prev pages
  • Toolbars don’t disappear when you are hovering on them with a mouse when making a selection
  • Toolbars and document UI elements fade on/off consistently with mouse and touch events
  • ADD NEW Workspace behaviour changed – allows the user to select a folder first to reduce the number of clicks
  • App boots up faster and operates with less memory usage
  • Various crashes resolved

Laptop UI Changes

  • All toolbars and UI scale to lower resolutions and DPI more consistently for laptop users

Full Screen Mode

  • Double clicking on the top status bar allows app to enter/exit full screen mode where all windows task bars and desktop UI is hidden.
  • Kiosk mode defaults to this mode and cannot be overridden

Pin/Unpin Content Library

Users can choose to automatically hide or pin the content library to save screen real estate. When unpinned, hovering the mouse on the library will automatically unhide the content.

Browser Cache List (IWB)

IT can configure which sites can store cookies and cache data on the IWB. This allows commonly used sites and dashboards to save passwords and allow users to login easily while maintaining script security for other sites in a public boardroom environment.

Video Playback Loop Button (IWB)

Videos in STAGE and SCRIBBLE can be set to loop automatically or just play once and stop.

Reactiv STAGE Restore Canvas

When a user enters an existing workspace, there is an option to restore the last state of the canvas. This allows users to pre plan and setup a layout so they can start a presentation faster.

Scribble Toolbar

Scribble’s lasso tool is easily accessible via toolbar.

Media Refresh

Users can refresh the media library if files are missing. This can happen when files are copied on network locations and there is a synch error where Reactiv does not automatically pick up the change in the folder. This button will refresh the list

Additional Functionality to Resize Objects

Laptop users can simply resize all STAGE and SCRIBBLE objects by using the adorners at the corners of all objects. Just click on these adorners and expand to the desired size and the content stays in place.

Dramatic decrease in load times

  • Airplay/Chromecast servers start quickly
  • Initial load time reduced
  • Entering and exiting workspaces are more fluid

Office 365/ OneDrive integration (IWB version)

Sign in directly to your Office365/ OneDrive account from the home page and access your folders. Reactiv SUITE IWB leverages the power of MS Graph API to allow for dynamic presentations using your cloud repository. Create workspaces, sync content without leaving any files or traces on the local computer.

Exit/Logout options (IWB version)

Easily allow users to reboot, logout from Windows or exit the application based on security settings. IT can configure these features and lock down the IWB in public spaces.

Sort workspaces by alphabetical or chronological order for easier access.
Browser now has ability to save cache – passwords and login can be cached for easy access. Simplify access to commonly used websites by caching authentication information and cookies.
  • Various bugs with browser interactions fixed. Touch and mouse controls work more smoothly when navigating inside the browser.
  • Audio controls for browser – Use the integrated audio controls to quickly mute a site and control audio output. Full screen browser mode or the browser object in STAGE and SCRIBBLE.

PIP cameras can be masked to cut off unnecessary image areas and allow you to focus on your presence. Also saves a lot of space on your canvas.

Better messaging to inform users about Full Screen mode and zooming out of content.

  • Mouse interactions are more consistent – all objects can be reduced in size consistently and objects can be made smaller regardless of the screen resolution and DPI.
  • UI and graphics optimized for smaller screens and lower resolutions. Icons and text don’t collide or overlap anymore.
  • Sticky note size has been increased, and there is a word count to show you how much more text can be entered.
  • Support for PPTM and DOCM files (PowerPoint and Word documents with Macros).
  • Various crashes and bugs resolved:
    • DELETE FILE sends files to recycle bin and doesn’t permanently delete them
    • Fixed bug with i10/i11 processor problem
    • Sharepoint workspace properly check-in and check out files as per security settings

Collapsible Setting Menu

Allows for optimal screen space utilization

A/V Devices

You can now select the resolution of A/V devices

PIP Cameras

You can now select the resolutions

Take a tour

Quick onboarding for new users

Need help?

Enhanced HELP system with context sensitive help

Sticky notes!

Sticky note in STAGE and SCRIBBLE, type and write into configurable notes that can be placed anywhere in the workspace

Improved Inking

Improved PowerPoint and Word ink injection. Properly deals with complex documents with tables that span pages, foreign language text, and documents with footers and headers

New X button

X button on all documents to simplify closing documents – especially with a mouse and keyboard

Focus UI

To easily identify which document was selected by user


  • Shortcuts for keyboard users: CTRS <S> – save document in STAGE, ESC – Fullscreen, F1 – Open Help menu, TAB – switch from doc to doc in STAGE
  • Performance increases related to opening workspaces, exiting workspaces and other user actions
  • Various bug fixes related to mouse interactions – documents that would not auto-rotate back to a level position, documents that would bounce back from the edge of the screen incorrectly etc.
  • Bugs related with crashes and stability issues resolved
  • Fixed bugs related to latest Chrome Browser and Chromecast
  • Better support for mouse scroll wheel and bugs fixed related to zooming in/out
  • Various crashes resolved
  • Better support for Active Directory and Sharepoint directories


Importing Weblinks automatically generates thumbnails of website

Pen Settings

STAGE/SCRIBBLE default pen settings can be configured and saved.

Pen Stroke Quality

Pen stroke quality can be controlled to improve handwriting experience.


Reactiv SUITE allows you to customize the Home Screen Branding

Home Screen Animated Background

Home screen background can be changed between 4 animated loop

Remote File Download for In-Room Devices

Copy files from the IWB directly to any device

A/V Settings

Improved UI for creating A/V input device groups for video capture devices

Conference Camera

Create audio/video groups for A/V equipment used during remote meetings

Default Speaker

Configure the default speaker for Reactiv SUITE. Will force Windows audio output to this setting to minimize problems when devices are changed


  • Configured cameras now appear in the CAMERAS tab
  • Camera objects behave as Picture-In-Picture (PIP) sources. They can be pinned to allow the presenter to be always visible and be prominent during the entire presentation
  • Camera view can be easily switched between different views such as host camera or room camera with a single click

Context Button

Workspace icons have context menu button for single click access to menu

Media items also have context menu button for single click access to menu


Ability to select various calendars in a given O365 account


  • Reactiv SUITE updates download automatically in the background. Users can continue to use the product without being interrupted for download to finish

Performance Optimizations

  • Workspaces load time decreased dramatically
  • Switching between STAGE/SCRIBBLE is much faster
  • Optimized pen performance, inking resolution and latency dramatically improved
  • User Interface related optimizations
  • Improved license activation for global customers, less chance of license activation failure
  • Fixed crash on shutdown of app, when user closes Reactiv SUITE
  • Calendar process foreign language meeting items correctly
  • App process corrupted media items
  • App handles corrupted SCRIBBLE files better
  • Calendar handles edge cases, like meetings with no time set, meetings with same start and end time, etc.
  • Various other crashes and memory leaks fixed to improve stability
  • Crashes related Chromecast fixed
  • Bugs related to Sharepoint data access fixed
  • Camera device-related crashes fixed


  • Calendar processes multi-day and all-day events correctly
  • Calendar displays non English items correctly

Office 365 Calendar Integration

Reactiv allows users to join meetings directly from the home screen. You can either connect your Microsoft Office account to access your meetings or create a dedicated email for your IWB and simply invite it to your meetings.

Manage Your Calendar

Configure the IWB calendar directly from the System menu and set which meetings your teams can join based on your internal security policies.

SharePoint Integration

Reactiv SUITE now integrates mapped SharePoint drives.

SCRIBBLE High Resolution Page Rip

When pages are ripped out of any document in SCRIBBLE there is no loss of quality from the original document.

Toolbar Location Is Adjustable

A user can now adjust how far the toolbar will appear away from the tap/click location to what is most comfortable for their unique writing style.

Updated ADD NEW Workspace UI

The ADD NEW workspace button has been made more clear and prominent in the Workspace Lobby screen.

And More…

  • Pulling content out of the MEDIA tray is now more fluid and responsive
  • Various events, including loading workspaces, entering the lobby and other transitions, have been optimized and are now much faster

STAGE toolbar

STAGE Toolbar is now floating and can be moved to a different location by the user. Auto appears at the location of the last click/touch.

Default search engine

Ability to configure the default search engine query for the integrated browser.

Web link sharing

Users can directly upload a link or search string to the IWB using their personal devices. Reactiv will automatically redirect to the browser and open the link, simplifying the sharing of web links.

Chromecast integration

Chromecast integration – allows all Android and Google Chromebooks to cast their screens into a Reactiv workspace.

Any combination of devices

Any combination of devices, Windows laptops, Apple devices and Google Chromebooks can simultaneously share their screens.

Settings pop-up

SETTINGS menu is now a pop-up dialog box.

And more…

  • File Upload file size increased to 5GB. Upload whatever content is required into a workspace with no restrictions.
  • Multi-user SCRIBBLE sheet support. Workspaces are locked to ensure only one person can access them at a time and not corrupt data.

Document processing


  • High-resolution vector-based PDF, large file sizes and multi-page PDFs load quickly.
    PDFs with multi-layer render correctly.

Office Document:

  • PowerPoint, Word and Excel files render in native 4K
    Images and text are no longer compressed and are rendered accurately.

JPG auto-rotation

Reactiv recognizes JPG Images with EXIF rotation information and automatically rotates them when loaded.

Pan-zoomed content

You can now PAN inside content that is zoomed in:

  • Double-click on a content window to ZOOM in.
  • Now move your finger across the content to pan in that direction.

Auto-pan in SCRIBBLE

When you move content to the edges of the canvas, the entire canvas will auto-scroll faster and faster.

Ripped page swap in SCRIBBLE

When you rip a page, the ripped page stays in the same spot and the original document moves to a new spot.
This makes creating a layout much easier as the marked-up page does not move.

File explorer navigation

The user interface for the file explorer has been modified. Single click highlights and selects the folder. Double click navigates into the folder. This makes the selection UI more consistent with other applications.

A/V microphone waveform

  • Audio inputs show waveform visualizations in the Settings menu allowing users to clearly confirm that microphones are working and determine if background noise levels are acceptable.
  • In addition, the same microphone/audio source can be attached to multiple video inputs. This is ideal when a single room microphone is required to be muxed with multiple video\camera inputs.

Active content

The library dock shows what content is placed on a STAGE/SCRIBBLE canvas. A green dot is displayed when the content is on the canvas. When a lot of similar documents exist in the library, this feature makes it easier to verify if a specific document is active.

Re-order Z level of content

Specific documents can be brought to the front of the canvas by clicking on the respective icon in the library dock. Easily rearrange a document’s Z order.

Library dock activation
When collapsed, the library dock can be expanded by clicking on any tab.

Bug Fixes

Domain issues
Various bugs related to domain login have been fixed to ensure greater support of various networks.

Browser YouTube Playback Issues Fixed
YouTube, and other video streams, playback without hesitation or pauses.

Keyboard Pop-Up with Browser Address Bar
The keyboard will automatically pop-up when the address bar has been selected in the browser.

Various UI and crash bugs


Reactiv SUITE now allows Administrators to configure user authentication using existing Active Directory implementation, such that any individual in the organization can login, navigate the network, and access their private data using their login privileges.

Multi-screen mirroring

Extend your workspace! Reactiv SUITE now supports up to 3 secondary displays to get your audience even more focused!

Miracast integration

  • Miracast allows users to mirror their Windows and android mobile, tablet and laptop devices onto the IWB.
  • This functionality allows any compatible Windows and Android device in the room to cast its screen directly into Reactiv SUITE.

Integrated OSD

No more remote, no more hassle! Users can now reach display settings such as brightness, contrast or volume, directly withing Reactiv SUITE settings.

Enhanced video capture integration

Reactiv SUITE now supports the most common video capture devices that stream video from external sources directly into reactiv SUITE. New settings now allow you to bind any audio input to any video Inputs for maximum possibilities.

International character support

Reactiv SUITE now supports non-English characters in file and folder names.

Video capture devices

Connect video inputs such as webcam, laptop, video capture card, etc.


  • Airplay allows users to mirror their Apple mobile, tablet and laptop devices onto the IWB.
  • This functionality allows any Apple device in the room to cast its screen directly into Reactiv SUITE.

Scalable Lasso

Lasso tool now allows you to scale selected areas like any other object.

Multi-touch support in browser

Improved browser with multi-touch support. Useful for zooming in and out.

URL bar with a clear address button.

Variety of minor improvements:

  • Improved File Explorer processes folder shortcuts.
  • More information added to the Status bar display, now showing date, time, board identity and meeting room name.

Mobile Filedrop integration

  • Integration of Filedrop feature on Mobile.
  • Share any file directly from mobile device through any mobile browser.

Motion sensor integration

  • New motion sensor support.
  • Automatic session logout when no activity detected for improved security.
  • Possibility to turn off projector automatically as logout occurs.

Variety of minor improvements

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Pagination in SCRIBBLE improved.
  • Minor Licensing changes.

New icons

Full-Screen Button for STAGE.
Addition of Icons for Moving (select and hold) and Resizing (hold opposite ends).
Anytime an object is ready to be moved/rotated, these icons will now appear for greater user clarity.


  • New multi CPU-core algorithm that processes thumbnails and files 10x faster.
  • Real-time synchronization between source directory and Reactiv SUITE.

Integrated file dialog

New file explorer optimized for touch screen use.
Customize folder settings with drive shortcuts and drive restrictions.

Auto-scroll in SCRIBBLE

Drag an object to the edge of the screen and the canvas will automatically scroll.

Auto-zoom in SCRIBBLE

  • Using two fingers to hold opposite ends of the area you would like to zoom into.
  • Release to zoom.

Improved Pagination in SCRIBBLE

Easily resize and move paginated pages anytime.

Full-screen Pagination in SCRIBBLE

Option to save the full screen in PDF.

UI improvements

Various UI improvements to: Quick Start Icon, Quick Link shortcuts and other improvements.

New thumbnail-refresh / Delete-file button

Long press on file thumbnail allows user to delete the file from project, or refresh thumbnail icon. Refresh allows user to select a scene in a movie, or location in a webpage as the preferred thumbnail.

Remote FileDrop and Remote Keyboard

Implementation of Remote FileDrop and Remote Keyboard (ShadowSense hardware required for Remote Keyboard). Users can use their laptops and mobile devices to upload files to the IWB or send keystrokes.

Various bug fixes:

  • Users can no longer set up presentations in a write-protected or inaccessible Windows folder.
  • Export/Import functionality has been removed from the application.

Tutorial button

Users can quickly watch small tutorial videos, accessed directly from the Reactiv Home page. These videos will help on-board new users and quickly introduce them to commonly used gestures and features.

On-screen keyboard

Keyboard automatically pops-up on the screen when a text box is selected in a settings menu. Browser contains a button that could be used to toggle the keyboard as required.

Floating toolbar in web browser

Commonly used buttons in the Reactiv Browser have been re-located to a floating tool bar.

Status bar

UI has been changed to integrate a Status Bar to the top of the screen. This bar contains the Date\Time and QR code for remote File Drop\Text Input.


Admin settings

Admin Settings have been integrated into the Settings Menus. Administrators can configure Reactiv and lock it using a password.  Kiosk mode, Auto Startup, Browser Settings, and other parameters can be configured using these menus.

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