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Adaptable Furniture and Mobile Display Stands

For more than 25 years, multiple award-winning Salamander has been designing and manufacturing premium quality furniture for residential and commercial audio/video integration that complements any space.  Their adaptable furniture systems beautifully integrate with technology, delivering turnkey bundles that are fast to deploy.

Their design team matches your high-tech electronics with personalized carts, stands and furniture that allow users to derive maximum benefit of each technology. Roll their mobile carts from room to room—and roll them right into the future with simple upgrades as your technology evolves.


Cable Management


Large Handles

Accessible & Ergonomic Mobile Display Stands


Adjustable Motor Control


ADA Compliant

Cable Management

  • Simple cable management allows for clean and uncluttered installation
  • The only cable you will see going to the rBoard is the power supply

Large Handles

  • Roll the rBoard from a boardroom to the next one or simply move it toward your audience, it’s never been as easy
  • Large handle and a wide stance provide superior mobility and maneuverability

Fully integrated height Motor Control

  • Integration within Reactiv SUITE user interface for maximum efficiency
  • Set the height directly on the screen, or select pre-saved heights
  • Improves user experience and productivity for any user size, for any work assignment.
  • Compact and telescoping design minimizes storage and transport requirements

ADA Compliant

  • Wide base stance and secure high performance locking casters provide smooth transport over any surface and allow convenient accessibility.

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