Smart Board Software for Teachers

Does Your Smart Board Make Lesson Content Harder & More Frustrating to Use?

Optimize Your Smart Board for Education

Does your Smart Board make lesson content harder & more frustrating to use?

Your teachers have brilliant lesson plan ideas, but they lack the software to easily bring those engaging interactive smart board lessons to life.
Enrich your lesson plan with

Web Content
Any documents file

To engage your students and teach the way you truly enjoy!

The best presenter mode & whiteboard for any platform

Stand out in your next virtual classroom!

Reactiv SUITE is the perfect Whiteboard Software for Teachers!

STEM – Computer Science

STEM teaching is not only cross-curricular in nature but is rooted in experiential and visual learning techniques. Modern teaching approach of these courses requires rich integration of multimedia content, and the ability to help students visualize concepts and express ideas freely. Educators and students must be able to write anything, anywhere, using any content from any source without limitations.

Visual Arts – Art History

Visual Arts & Art History classes must constantly adapt to the situation, serving every age group of students in the school and facilitate learning regardless of content and subject. Bring in dynamic and live data from website, cameras and other sources in conjunction with static content from textbooks, images and local data.

Humanities – History

Access any type of web content, rip out pages, build upon the content found from websites and textbooks and easily create dynamic lessons. Wireless file drop allows anyone on the network to easily share files and facilitate collaborative planning.


When you captivate, you change minds!

Why rely only on PowerPoint or other tools with uninspired, bulleted lists of linear slides when you can be engaging and dynamic with your presentations?

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