Smart Board
Software for Teachers

Does Your Smart Board Make Lesson Content
Harder & More Frustrating to Use?

Your teachers have brilliant lesson plan ideas, but they lack the software to easily bring those engaging interactive smart board lessons to life.


Optimize Your Smart Board for Education

Enrich your lesson plan with multimedia, web content and any document file to engage your students and teach the way you truly enjoy.


Instantly display your lesson onto a larger screen.


Natively run and interact with all kinds of document, multimedia or web content


Instantly start your lesson with a USB or folder mapped to your school’s network or cloud drive.


Save notes and diagrams on screen into Idea Boards and share them with your students for outside the classroom learning.


Familiar smartphone-like user interface for seamless use.

Reactiv is Whiteboard Software for Teachers!

Stage Feature - On-the-Run mode

Start Class on Time

No need to fumble with audio-video cables, different folders and applications. You can get your class started in only seconds by just inserting a USB key or opening your lesson plan from a cloud (OneDrive, SharePoint) or network drive mapped to Reactiv.

One App to Run Every File

You can have a stellar lesson plan with ease thanks to Reactiv’s ability to natively run any commonly used file format. There’s no need to switch between dozens of applications to just explain one point, this makes Reactiv the ideal interactive whiteboard software for teachers.

All you need to do is copy-and-paste the files, images, videos and web pages you have in mind for class into the lesson plan folder.

Involve Your Class!

Want a student to finish an equation? No problem! Reactiv supports up to 10 simultaneous on-screen users. It auto-detects and differentiates between finger, pen and eraser inputs from each person using the screen. Screenshot the results into an Ideaboard and share it with the class or make additional notes. In Reactiv, you experiment with new teaching methods.

Works on Existing Hardware

Reactiv can run on your existing touchscreen Windows tablet, laptop, desktop or interactive whiteboard. All you need to do is download and install – no need for new hardware!

Simple User Interface

You don’t need a manual to start using Reactiv – it uses the same touch gestures as your smartphone. Need to pull-up a PowerPoint? Just tap it from the file launcher. Have three charts to compare side-by-side? Tap the ‘Grid Align’ icon and Reactiv will display them automatically without distorting or blurring them.

Build Your Next Lesson Plan in Reactiv

A Simple Workspace

Forget about digging through a cluttered desktop with random files, emails and other noise. That’ll just distract your students and throw you off your teaching flow. Reactiv lets you show only the documents, pictures, videos and web content you only need for class.

Touch-Friendly File Launcher

Don’t waste time – and risk mistakes – using your mouse to navigate through tiny icons and tabs for your files and media. Reactiv provides a touch-friendly file launcher that allows you both see every file of your lesson plan and select them with a simple tap of your finger.

Ink-up Any File

In Reactiv, you can natively draw and write in any file. With the “SaveInk” feature, you can even save new annotated versions of the file in its original format.

Let’s say you wanted to draw on PDF; Reactiv saves your annotations in a new copy of that PDF file, which you can share with your students as classroom material. You don’t need to spend all that time and paper on printing copies of that PDF document.

Be it document, video or image annotation, Reactiv lets you mark-up and share anything.

Project to a Second Screen

Reactiv can display your lesson to a second screen or projector with a simple tap. You can choose what to show your class while having a personal workspace on your screen. Reactiv even lets your class view your annotations in-real time.

Install Reactiv Today to Have the Interactive Lessons You’ve Been Dreaming About

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