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How interactive are your lectures?

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Is technology helping you teach?

Gone are the days where teachers spent hours writing on endless blackboards and students just took notes.  In today’s world, lectures and lesson plans are filled with rich media and content.  Information is delivered via presentations, web, videos, research papers, all using a wide variety of file formats.


Is preparing content for your class a chore?

During the lesson, do you waste time switching between different media, trying to share various windows, connecting to projectors?

Does the A\V infrastructure in your classroom present a technical challenge?

Do technical challenges delay the start of the class and rob precious time from everyone?

How do you keep your students’ interest and keep them engaged?

Your solution is here

Optimize Your Smart Board for Education

In an hour-long lecture, it is very common for tens of minutes to be wasted dealing with technology, projectors and managing multiple windows of content.  Reactiv SUITE can dramatically reduce this wastage of time and allow you to focus on the teaching and not the technology.

In addition, whenever the narrative of the class and your teaching flow is interrupted by technical issues, attention is dramatically reduced resulting in a loss of focus and understanding.  Engaging the students and maintaining their focus can result in a far deeper understanding of the content you are trying to teach.


Reactiv STAGE is a powerful storytelling and presentation tool that allows you to focus on the narrative instead of managing the content.  Open, render and present any of the common files that is used in the classroom.  You don’t need to waste hours generating PowerPoint decks as STAGE can render any content in a non-linear fashion when needed.  Presenting content on a projector is a snap – you just throw the document towards the projector and quickly extend or mirror your desktop. Reactiv STAGE will engage the students and maintain their focus – resulting in a far deeper understanding of the content you are trying to teach.


Using Reactiv SCRIBBLE, complex concepts that involve everything from mathematical equations to large spreadsheets, data and web content can be combined to create powerful layouts. Different types of tasks from mapping out papers and theses to derivations of formulas and creating lesson plans can be simplified using Reactiv SCRIBBLE’s powerful features. Whether it is your students using it in a classroom environment or your team using it for research, SCRIBBLE will become an essential part of your workflow.


Reactiv HUDDLE is a communications hub that allows remote students and presenters to participate in your session. There is no need to email files or use products such as Dropbox to share files. Huddle allows you to video conference and share ideas instantly.  Reactiv HUDDLE even provides your remote participants with complete bi-directional ability to present and write as if they were in the room with you.

Open any file natively

No need for additional Software

arrange & compare

Arrange and compare with a simple click of a button

markup & ink any document

Using “Native Inking”, annotate on Word or PowerPoint and save your ink as actual annotation

Manage your additional displays

Use PJLink to control your pojector, share a document on the second screen or mirror your entire screen

video playback feature

Open a video, resize it, zoom in or out, Speed up, slow down, advance, rewind, and annotate

infinite canvas

An infinite work space for your brainstorming session

Open any file natively

Reactiv STAGE allows you to open any file natively – Word, PowerPoint, EXCEL, MP4, PDF, JPEG, GIF and so on…

Arrange & Compare any type of document or file

Reactiv’s powerful layout tool will allow you to open, arrange, and compare any number of documents, files, and videos.

Native Inking

STAGE allows teams to embed “native ink” into many different types of documents like Word or PowerPoint files.

The Communication Ecosystem for your Laptop

The Operating System for your Interactive Whiteboard

The Communication Ecosystem for your Laptop

The Operating System for your Interactive Whiteboard

Managing additional displays

Reactiv projector and secondary screen integration will allow you to easily extend or mirror your display with the touch of a button.

 Through PJLink, control and manage your projector without the need for a remote.

Enhanced video playback features

Open any video, resize it, zoom in or out, speed up, slow down, advance and rewind. Annotate on any part of the video and save a single scene with the timestamp.

Infinite Canvas

With SCRIBBLE the work area is adaptable and will expand as you are creating content. This infinite Canvas, allow your team to annotate and share ideas immediately.

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