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Is technology complicating your training sessions?

Organisations spend a tremendous amount of resources and capital with onboard or on-going training of their staff. Corporate trainers are challenged to provide live training to employees, both in-person and remotely. Speed is important when training, yet a deeper understanding of the content is even more critical.


Do you struggle to compile all their digital files and media into a PowerPoint deck?

Do you find it chalenging to manage rich media and web content in your training session?

Do you have to toggle back and forth from one program to another, wasting time and losing the interest of your audience?

Does your audience tend to multi-task and not stay focused on the content?

Your solution is here

Optimize Your Smart Board for Training

Reactiv SUITE makes it easier and faster for trainers to compile their digital files and media content. It dramatically reduces the wasted time dealing with the technology, projectors, managing multiple windows, and allow attendees to truly focus on the training.

The trainer can toggle between their digital files with ease, so their audience never loses interest. They can also ink directly into documents to emphasize certain information. Files can be saved and shared quickly. The result is improved retention and a deeper understanding of the materials.


With Reactiv STAGE, you can pull up and toggle between different native file types, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, MP4, PDF, JPEG, GIF, or websites, and then arrange them on the board to view and compare at the same time. Annotate or mark up any file for emphasis, open multiple videos at a time, navigate through the video, zoom in and out, slow down the video to highlight something. There are no more limits to your training!


Creating training sessions can be a daunting task due to the large number of videos and files that must be presented. On top of which, you audience might need to walk up to the whiteboard and express their thoughts and visions. With Reactiv SCRIBBLE’s powerful video editing capabilities, you can rip out a scene and combine different ideas on an infinite canvas. Draw, sketch, document and work with video using intuitive gestures and minimal training, save the result, and seamlessly share it after the session.


Reactiv HUDDLE is a communications hub that allows remote colleagues and presenters to participate in your session. There is no need to email files or use products such as Dropbox to share files either. Huddle allows you to video conference and share ideas instantly. Reactiv HUDDLE even provides your remote participants complete bi-directional ability to collaborate and write as if they were in the room with you.

Open any file natively

No need for additional Software

arrange & compare

Arrange and compare with a simple click of a button

markup & ink any document

Using “Native Inking”, annotate on Word or PowerPoint and save your ink as actual annotation

Manage your additional displays

Use PJLink to control your displays, share a document on the second screen or mirror your entire screen

video playback feature

Open a video, resize it, zoom in or out, Speed up, slow down, advance, rewind, and annotate

infinite canvas

An infinite work space for your brainstorming session

Open any file natively

Reactiv STAGE allows you to open any file natively – Word, PowerPoint, EXCEL, MP4, PDF, JPEG, GIF and so on…

Native Inking

STAGE allows teams to embed “native ink” into many different types of documents like Word or PowerPoint files.

Arrange & Compare any type of document or file

Reactiv’s powerful layout tool will allow you to open, arrange, and compare any number of documents, files, and videos.

The Communication Ecosystem for your Laptop

The Operating System for your Interactive Whiteboard

The Communication Ecosystem for your Laptop

The Operating System for your Interactive Whiteboard

Managing additional displays

Reactiv projector and secondary screen integration will allow you to easily extend or mirror your display with the touch of a button.

 Through PJLink, control and manage your projector without the need for a remote.

Enhanced video playback features

Open any video, resize it, zoom in or out, speed up, slow down, advance and rewind. Annotate on any part of the video and save a single scene with the timestamp.

Infinite Canvas

With SCRIBBLE the work area is adaptable and will expand as you are creating content. This infinite Canvas, allow your team to annotate and share ideas immediately.

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