September 24, 2019

New-Wireless Keyboard-Press Release

Introducing the all-new: Wireless Keyboard

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, September 24, 2019 – Vizetto Inc. is pleased to announce the newest Reactiv SUITE feature- Wireless Keyboard.

Wireless Keyboard provides users with the simple ability to enter passwords, large strings of data, lengthy web links, maps, etc. directly into Reactiv SUITE using their mobile or laptop keyboard. Reactiv’s Wireless Keyboad is completely hardware agnostic and requires no plugins, apps or additional software. Users simply connect through their browser directly into the Reactiv workspace thus making any keyboard, a wireless keyboard.

While a standard on-screen keyboard lets users type information directly on the screen, there is no privacy; Privacy entries can be viewed by anyone present in the room. Reactiv’s Wireless Keyboard eliminates this by letting users type from their remote device without displaying the information on the screen.

In addition to addressing security concerns, Wireless Keyboard gives users the ability to enter, cut and copy large strings of data such as long web links, maps, etc. easily and conveniently.

The added capability that Wireless Keyboard brings to Reactiv SUITE further validates Vizetto’s mission to remove all physical barriers thus enabling users to express their vision and shape ideas from anywhere in the world.