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Sick of static slide show presentations?

There’s no point in a presentation when the audience is tuning-out and fails to appreciate your amazing message and ideas.


Powerful and professional presentation software

Use Reactiv to build dynamic presentations by effortlessly swapping from presenting to engaging, all the while keeping your audience focused on the message you control.


Swipe between different slides or files.


Simultaneously display multiple files with one button.


Powerful second screen integration and control.


Write, draw or mark-up any file on-screen.


Run any document, multimedia or web file from within Reactiv.

What Makes Reactiv a Powerful Choice for Professional Presentation Software

An End to Awkward Pauses and Presentation Disasters

Your presentation needs dynamic flow, you need a way to pivot the presentation focus and engage the audience at a moment’s notice.

What you don’t need are the awkward pauses between minimizing windows, clicking the wrong button, opening files, and moving your focus back and forth from the audience to the presentation.

Reactiv is built for a natural presentation flow, with presentation controls designed for presenting, allowing you to focus on the audience, while letting muscle memory control the projector.

Touch Friendly Launcher Makes Content Switching Easy

Why agonize trying to tap a miniscule window or browser tab just to show a website?

Reactiv has a touch-friendly explorer that makes selecting each piece of your presentation a joy. Reactiv can even auto-arrange multiple windows without having you disturb your presentation flow manually sizing windows or dealing with aspect-ratios.

Second Screen Optimized for Presentations

Reactiv projector and secondary screen integration is perfectly tuned for presenting to an audience of any size. They’ll only see exactly what you want them to see, which you can select with just a flick of your finger, while letting you fill your display without distracting those watching. You can even let your audience see you annotate a document in  in real-time.

Touch Friendly User Interface with Familiar Gestures

Why stress over touch-unfriendly desktop icons and half-baked gestures?

Reactiv provides you with a user interface that works just like your smartphone: click, pinch, zoom, swipe, throw and drag. That’s all! Transform any touchscreen Windows tablet, laptop, desktop or interactive whiteboard into a powerful presentation tool with Reactiv.

Natively Runs All File Formats

Annotating a web page while also showing a video clip? It’s a breeze on Reactiv. There’s no need to have  different apps open to run one presentation. Reactiv unifies it for you by natively running all common document and multimedia files into one presentation program.

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Automatic Pen, Palm, and Eraser Recognition

Why passively explain your content when you can actively make observations with note-taking and drawing? Reactiv STAGE lets you annotate natively within any file format.

Just bring your pen to the screen and Reactiv will do the rest through auto-detection. Reactiv will also know when you’re done as it automatically recognizes pen, finger and eraser inputs.

By using the ‘SaveInk’ feature you can save your annotations in the original document format (.docx, .pdf, etc) without overwriting the original file for sharing later.

Stage Feature - On-the-Run mode

Get Started in Seconds

If you’re presenting from a shared interactive whiteboard, then Reactiv lets you start in a matter of seconds using its quick-launch features. Just connect a USB with your files or wirelessly access your presentation from a network, SharePoint or OneDrive drive mapped to Reactiv.

No need to waste time with fiddling with cables.

Reactiv is Professional Presentation Software That Immerses and Inspires Audiences With Your Ideas.

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