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Multi Touch Software That Makes Your Meetings Faster and Your Presentations More Engaging

Get More Out of Your

Interactive Whiteboard



OPS / Mini PC


You have the right hardware, but your software simply wasn’t designed to handle touch inputs in everyday scenarios such as work meetings, presentations or classes.

Reactiv Multi Touch Software Transforms Your Devices into Productivity Assets


Install Reactiv on any touchscreen-enabled Windows device.


Run any document, multimedia or web file from within Reactiv.


Seamless second-screen integration, touch-friendly UI and real-time interactive features

Equip Your Hardware to Work as You Intended with
Vizetto’s Multi Touch Software for Windows

Ready for Your Device(s)

Reactiv multi touch software is compatible with any interactive whiteboard, touchscreen tablet, laptop, desktop or device running Windows.

Start in Seconds

Hit the ground running with your meetings, presentations and even focused work-sessions by launching Vizetto in seconds.

Why deal with browser and file tabs when you can pull every file necessary into a folder saved onto a USB or mapped to a cloud/network drive?

Leverage Reactiv Multi Touch Screen Software to Interact with Your Documents, Multimedia and Web Content all in One Application

Run Any File in Reactiv

Reactiv’s powerful enough to run practically every commonly used file format without needing you to open separate applications. Be it a .Mp4 video or an Office document, you can run both (and more) in Reactiv.

Native Inking

Reactiv enables you to natively draw, write and mark-up any file including MS Office or PDF documents to images, web pages to even video stills.

Moreover, Reactiv will automatically save your annotations in new copies of the original file in the original’s file format.

You can easily share these copies digitally and on save the time and money you could have wasted on dealing with analogue paper copies.

Get Your Team Involved Too!

Reactiv is intelligent enough to differentiate between up to 10 distinct touch inputs, including finger and pen. You can invite multiple team members to write and draw on the same device simultaneously, even on different files!

Simplified but Powerful Multi Touch Presentation Software

Simplified User Experience

Forget about manuals, unreachable browser tabs or tiny icons, Reactiv works with the same touch gestures and cues as your smartphone.

Be it pulling up a PowerPoint, comparing different images or even showing web content and videos, just use the swipes and taps you already know!

If you need to see several files simultaneously, then just tap on the ‘Grid Align’ icon and Reactiv will display them without blur or distortion. You can also access all of your files with a touch-friendly file launcher.

Seamless Second Screen Integration

Presenting shouldn’t involve jumbling audio/video cables nor one-sided slides. Reactiv lets you quickly connect to a second screen or projector while also giving you a personal workspace viewable only to you.

Distraction-Free Workplace

Don’t let desktop clutter – i.e. irrelevant emails, documents, browser tabs and notifications – distract meetings, classes or even individual work.

With our Reactiv multi touch software, you can limit the view to only the files and other content you, your colleagues and/or students need to see.

Create and share dynamic visual experiences
with Reactiv Multi Touch Software

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