Create and share dynamic visual experiences
with ease and simplicity.

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Create interactive
presentations for a
lasting impression.

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Share your ideas with
your distant teams,
right from your desktop.

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Handwritten or typed,
notes in SCRIBBLE
are fluid and natural.

Custom Solutions.

Entertain your audience with
impressive professionalism.

Custom Solutions - eTalk

Custom presentation software can be the tool that provides that difference. Sharp, up-to-the-minute, lively, personalized, communications that speak directly to your audience, with interactivity that allows you to manipulate images, videos and other media live, right on the screen.

Show off your product with a
spectacular interactive display.

Custom Solutions - Game of Thrones

People are more likely to act when they are presented with an engaging and informative interaction.  Interactive in-store presentations can also help engage customers when sales staff is busy with other customers, reducing lost opportunities.