The Revolution in Communication by Vizetto


The Revolution in Communication

Reactiv Suite is the most powerful communication platform in the industry that will revolutionize how you collaborate. We combine three modules to handle any workflow. Experience more productivity, get a deeper understanding, make quicker decisions and better presentations.

Reactiv is an eco-system of different modules that work together to simplify any workflow.

The Future is Here

Imagine a digital table, where multiple people from across the world can access, push content and documents onto, create layers of ink to markup and capture decisions that arise in the flow of the meeting.

While traditional video conferencing creates a presenter with multiple observer, Reactiv Suite revolutionizes communications by making everyone an active participant during meetings.

How Effective are your Meetings?

• Do you wish your meetings were more productive?

• Are your team members working from remote locations?

• Do you have difficulty expressing ideas to contractors, suppliers, or customers?

• How does your team accurately communicate meeting results post meetings?

• Would you like to travel less?

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Find out why some of the biggest and largest corporations in the world are already on the Reactiv platform!

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Multifaceted Team

We are a highly skilled team of developers, scientists and engineers with decades of experience developing amazing user experiences, complex software and gamification stategies across various industries. Together we bring flexibility, simplicity, creativity, and efficiency. If there is a better way to achieve something, we will find it.

We have filed 8 patents, for Reactiv, on cutting edge features and interactive gestures with many more on the way. Simply put, no one else can create products and experiences quite like ours.

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Canadian tech company built around an innovative, lean team of engineers.

We believe it’s the people, not technology that drives ideas, innovation and creativity.

We develop the most intuitive and people-centric collaboration tool on the market. So simple that your team doesn’t need training, so powerful it handles your demanding workflow. No matter what work you do.

About Us

We believe that it’s the people, not the technology that drives ideas, innovation.

Based out of Toronto, Canada we are leading the charge on the future of communication and collaboration


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