Best-in-class Presentation Software & Whiteboard that transforms any remote presentation.

Be front and center of your next remote presentation!

Turn your tiny thumbnail image into a studio broadcast…

From your favorite video conferencing tool, just click screen share… and share Reactiv SUITE.

Reactiv SUITE will:

  • Manage your camera and branding
  • Help you balance the size of your image with your content
  • Give you the ability to ink, highlight and markup

Create an immersive meeting experience that is engaging. Your audience will feel like they are in the same room with you!

Build Trust              

Make your audience feel like they are talking to you and not to your deck! Control your camera image and be right there beside your content – not a tiny thumbnail at the bottom of the screen.

Capture Attention

Your audience loses interest and gets distracted within 30 seconds in a normal video conference. Ink, highlight and interact with your content and create visual stimulus that helps them focus and pay attention.


Create an impactful and engaging meeting where you and your offering stand out. Differentiate yourself and make your audience remember you when they are making the buying decision.

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We can transform your remote presentation and make you stand out!

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Active Engagement – Based On Neuroscience!

Reactiv SUITE leverages cognitive learning models to improve how we interact. Transform any hybrid/remote meeting to make your audiences feel more connected, pay more attention, and retain more information.

Reinforcement Learning

Writing and repeating your message visually will help emphasize your point and help audiences retain information for a longer period of time.

Associative Learning

Associating your brand, your content with your image in an interactive presentation will create more powerful and long-lasting memories.

Executive Presence

People want to talk to people. You are more important than the deck. Don’t be a postage stamp – Stand out!

Say goodbye to boring, unproductive meetings

Built for presenters by presenters, Reactiv SUITE’s exclusive features allow for more productive and engaging sessions for all audience members both virtual and in-person.

Present one file
Perfect for townhalls, keynotes, pitches & product demos

Present multiple files
Perfect for design discussions, classrooms & interactive meetings

Interactive whiteboard
Perfect for strategizing, collaboration & brainstorming sessions


Easy to use UI that will transform your next presentation within a few minutes

Control your camera image

Don’t be a postage stamp. Resize your image so you can be right beside your content and allow your audience to see you and talk to you. Not your deck! 

Personalize branding

Bring your brand, your name, logos, and even customer’s brand into the presentation. Create a visually engaging virtual presentation canvas.

Markup & Ink dynamically

Ink, highlight and use a laser pointer that sticks to your page and your document. The ink stays with the page so you don’t have to keep erasing it as you present.

Works with all devices

Use your iPad, iPhone or Android phone in your presentations. Bring in document cameras, external camera feeds or any other real-time device into your presentation.

Supports any file

Present any deck, video, website, or document without all the clutter of toolbars and UI that distracts. Create a presentation mode regardless of content or media type.

Easy to use UI

Get started in minutes! Simple UI and integrated video training material onboards you and gets you started quickly.

When you captivate, you change minds!
When you engage, you close!
Stand out and be remembered!
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