Multi-touch software with innovative features that will simplify and enhance your workflow while saving you time

Save HOURS while brainstorming and presenting for your next project.

Let us show you how

Reactiv Multi Touch Software
out of your investment

Reactiv SUITE will allow you to deliver a more powerful and engaging presentation and brainstorming session in seconds


Enhance your hardware investment

Reactiv multi touch software will bring your investment to life, allowing you to improve your existing workflow and increase productivity.

Start in Seconds

Reactiv with its intuitive interface, will allow you to save time and effort during preparation and delivery of your presentations and brainstorming sessions.
Launch Reactiv, and start your meeting, that simple!

Reactiv SUITE will allow you to interact with multiple documents, multimedia, and web content, all in one application

Open Any File in Reactiv

No need for additional Software, Reactiv can natively open any file format: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, PNG, MP4, AVI, and many more…

Native Inking & Markup

Annotate on any document, including, but not limited to Word, Excel, PowerPoint. PDF, PNG, Video, and many more. Supports Multi Stylus Input, allowing collaboration and annotation on the same screen on any document. Using “Native Inking” allows you to annotate on a Word or Powerpoint document, and save your ink as actual annotation in the document for editing later.

Get Your Team Involved Too!

Reactiv is intelligent enough to differentiate between up to 10 distinct touch inputs, including finger and pen. You can invite multiple team members to write and draw on the same device simultaneously, even on different files!

Enhanced Video Playback

Open any video, resize it, zoom in or out, Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind, Annotate on any part of the video, and save it as a jpg file with

Reactiv SUITE with an enhanced and simplified user experience

Simplified User Experience

Reactiv with its intuitive and simple user interface, will empower users to easily launch, arrange, and markup, multiple file formats, websites, office documents, without sacrificing time and effort.

Seamless Second Screen Integration

Through PJLink to control and manage your projector without the need for a remote. Share one document at a time on the second screen to keep
your attendees engaged or mirror your entire screen for an interactive session.

Enhance your Workflow
with Reactiv Multi Touch Software

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