Bring Your Brand Into the Remote Meeting

I’m sure I don’t have to convince your about the power of brand! Our entire marketing team, and budget, is a testament to that! 🙂


But, have you every thought of what happens during a remote meeting? If your brand even visible? Let’s think about this. In an in-person meeting, what was the first thing we did before COVID? Maybe give a business card? Put something down on the table that had our logo? 

Let’s be honest. This is what you are staring at during most calls. Most people don’t even turn on their cameras. Then, good luck remembering names or and details. 

Who was that person that presented last week on the call? Was that the product manager? Was that the CEO?

Which company even presented? Do you even remember? Where is the proverbial business card? 

When we designed Reactiv SUITE, we heard from user after user that brand was critical to the remote meeting experience and we agreed! That’s why Reactiv SUITE has amazing features that allow your brand to come through. 

Customize your camera image and add business card! It is front and center so your audience can see your logos, name and title. No more guessing who spoke at the last meeting. This is like putting your business card on the table. Remember that trick? Arrange the business cards on the table so you can look down and quickly see who is talking? Do the same thing in Reactiv SUITE. The entire time they see you, your name and position are reinforced in their minds. 

You can also create custom backgrounds where your brand is always present. Better yet, personalize the presentation and put your customer’s brand on the background. Go the extra mile and engage their brand, together with your brand!

If your present, teach or coach..

We have the tools to transform your presentation and make you stand out!

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