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Discover how Peak Human is using Reactiv SUITE to create a truly meaningful and personalized remote patient management experience.

When the pandemic forced Dr. Goel to adopt a remote patient management model it was critical that he and his team still be able to deliver the same comprehensive level of care as before. How can he maintain a strong visual connection with patients while simultaneously displaying a wide variety of multimedia content on screen?

The Requirements

  • Patients must be able to visually connect with Peak Human’s practitioners in a way that traditional screen sharing tools do not allow
  • The software must be able to record notes and feedback in a way that can be shared with the patient after the session
  • The software must be able to access each patient’s personal content, including multimedia files, in a way that protects their privacy

The Solution

Reactiv SUITE provided Dr. Goel with the ideal combination of visual communication and multimedia content management while maintaining his strict policies regarding patient information and privacy.

With a unique space for each of his patients, Dr. Goel seamlessly moves through different documents, images, videos, and PDFs in a single session without having to leave each patient’s personal space and risking compromising their privacy.

With Reactiv SUITE’s ability to pin his camera on screen as well, Dr. Goel fluidly moves and resizes his personal presence during the session allowing him to create a more intimate and personal experience than traditional screen sharing tools allow.

Outcome & Benefits

Healthcare Is About People

Many people have deeply personal relationships with their healthcare providers, but remote patient engagement introduces a series of challenges for how we connect with and feel comfortable sharing intimate and private information with our doctors.

With Reactiv SUITE, Peak Human’s practitioners elevate their virtual presence by pinning their camera into the presentation space and controlling its size and placement at all times. This allows them to go full screen when they want to have a conversation, or reduce their camera view when they want to focus on their content, all without interrupting the conversation.

Communicate Visually, Capture Feedback Instantly

Translating complex medical jargon into an accessible format for a patient is an important aspect of the art of medicine. The ability to visually communicate can open new ways for patients to ask questions and communicate with their doctor.

With Reactiv SUITE, Dr. Goel dynamically brings up multimedia content, including reports, images, and videos, and draws directly onto each piece of material, focusing the conversation on what’s important.

As the session concludes he instantly captures all of the day’s notes as a PDF that is saved back to his server and can be shared with the patient, and other members of the Peak Human team.

Personal & Private

In a patient-practitioner relationship, privacy is critical. With Reactiv SUITE, each patient has their own dedicated virtual space where their content can be accessed, displayed, annotated, and saved back to.

Peak Human set up Reactiv SUITE and connected their existing folders within minutes, in full compliance with their existing privacy policies, and without any changes to their current IT configuration.

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