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Discover how DPM Energy hosted their annual customer appreciation event remotely for the first time in their company’s history, creating a uniquely memorable experience for their colleagues and clients.

How can DMP Energy convert their in-person customer appreciation events into an engaging remote event that allows for collaboration and participation? 

The Requirements

  • Clients should feel like they are participating in a large event, not just sitting on another conference call
  • The host must be able to clearly display multiple cameras and file formats at once; there will be written content, images, user-generated content, and multiple live camera feeds being shown simultaneously
  • The entire A/V setup must be operated by a single person; due to COVID-19 considerations anything requiring multiple people to operate is unacceptable

The Solution

The flexibility of Reactiv SUITE inspired the DPM Energy team to abandon conventional ideas about what a remote event could be and start thinking about how they could create a new kind of experience.

They chose to host an at-home cocktail-making class where every client received the ingredients and tools they would need ahead of time. During the event, a professional bartender hosted a live class through Reactiv SUITE.

With Reactiv SUITE, DPM Energy was able to create an engaging virtual event for their clients, leveraging their existing hardware.

Outcome & Benefits

Three Cameras, One Seamless Experience

DPM Energy dynamically, in real-time, combined their camera feeds, multimedia content, and user-generated content together on screen to create a memorable interactive experience for everyone involved.

As the bartender’s demonstration moved through creative and instructional phases over the course of the evening, Reactiv SUITE allowed the operator to seamlessly display all three camera feeds and highlight the different pieces of multimedia content on the screen without interrupting the bartender’s presentation.

Come Together, From Home

The ability for people to share their creations with the rest of the group in real-time became a critical part of how DPM Energy wanted to foster a sense of camaraderie and community that has been a hallmark of past years’ events.

As the event progressed, and participants finished each newly crafted cocktail, they were encouraged to email a photo of their creation to DPM Energy where it was downloaded and brought into the presentation space.

Fully Operational, And Socially Distant

A single team member, using Reactiv SUITE for the first time, was able to curate a dynamic and memorable experience for their clients. This single operator switched between close up camera angles and full-body views of the host, fluidly moved between creative and instructional content, and showcased user-generated images in real-time; all without pre-scripted instructions or rehearsals. For the audience, the result was a truly memorable screen sharing experience.

This entire presentation was broadcast to participants’ homes using the same Zoom video conference tool that DPM Energy uses on a daily basis; there were no additional tools or plugins required.

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