Remote Education & Training
with Reactiv SUITE

Remote learning: no better than watching TV.

Your tools are failing you by creating passive learning experiences. Your students are tuning out, lacking engagement and getting frustrated. Yet these school years are critical for forging their professional future.

Existing remote technology makes it a struggle to be heard and seen, limits your ability to be interactive with students, and dramatically reduces visual and other stimuli required for long-term memories.

Students are easily distracted.

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Teaching With Reactiv SUITE

Take the ‘distance’ out of distance learning

An interactive learning platform that makes teachers memorable and enables students to make their thinking visible.

Reactiv SUITE allows you to bring all your course material, multimedia content and textbooks onto one canvas. Fluidly present, arrange, compare documents and visually markup and express yourself. Leverage the infinite whiteboard to describe any concept, no matter how complex, and share easily with students.

Dramatically Reduce Zoom Fatigue In Your Classes

Teachers need technology that can give students a frictionless classroom experience and provide an engaging experience that fosters learning.

Reactiv SUITE blurs the lines between remote and face-to-face classes and makes your students feel like they’re in the classroom in front of you


  • Run Reactiv on your primary screen and have meeting participants on a secondary monitor

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Real-Life Use Cases
  • Open all of your documents and multimedia content in one space without any third-party applications
  • Markup and save student material to your server
  • Keep your notes between classes with a dedicated space for each class
  • Automatically organize any amount of content with a single click
  • Instantly switch between your presentation space and infinite blackboard

Visual Arts – Art History

Visual Arts & Art History classes must constantly adapt to the situation, serving every age group of students in the school and facilitate learning regardless of content and subject. Bring in dynamic and live data from website, cameras and other sources in conjunction with static content from textbooks, images and local data.

Humanities – History

Access any type of web content, rip out pages, build upon the content found from websites and textbooks and easily create dynamic lessons. Wireless file drop allows anyone on the network to easily share files and facilitate collaborative planning.

STEM – Computer Science

STEM teaching is not only cross-curricular in nature but is rooted in experiential and visual learning techniques. Modern teaching approach of these courses requires rich integration of multimedia content, and the ability to help students visualize concepts and express ideas freely. Educators and students must be able to write anything, anywhere, using any content from any source without limitations.

Case Studies


Michael Gale | Senior Sales Director, DocuWare.


“I will absolutely continue using Reactiv SUITE when we go back to in-person presentations. For me, it’s almost a condition of employment.”


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Shelby Hacala | Professional Business Coach


“The way we are now running our remote sessions with Reactiv SUITE really does feel like my clients are in the room here with me.”


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Ps. Victor Abraham | Senior Pastor, GSCC Church


“I’m no longer dependent on my slides, I can bring all of my content together and create a dynamic, interactive story for my audience.”


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Nick Iozzo | President, DPM Energy


..“Reactiv made this the most fun Zoom meeting we’ve ever had.”



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Dr. Sanjeev Goel | Primary Care Physician, Peak Human


“Reactiv really allowed me to duplicate that in-patient encounter without losing quality.”



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