Remote Education & Training
with Reactiv SUITE

When Your Course Doesn’t Fit On A Slide

But switching between multiple pieces of content in a remote lesson is distracting

Trying to show multimedia content often introduces a series of micro-frustrations, such as switching between multiple windows, navigating the server to find files, and managing different applications, which can make it difficult to hold the attention of our class.

Teaching With Traditional Screen Sharing

Teaching With Reactiv SUITE

Teach As If You Are Together

Take the ‘distance’ out of distance learning

Combining a multimedia presentation space with an infinite digital blackboard gives you the creative freedom to share, present, and engage with your students as if you were together, without changing your existing lesson plan.

Real-Life Use Cases

  • Open all of your documents and multimedia content in one space without any third-party applications
  • Markup and save student material to your server
  • Keep your notes between classes with a dedicated space for each class
  • Automatically organize any amount of content with a single click
  • Instantly switch between your presentation space and infinite blackboard

Case Studies


Michael Gale | Senior Sales Director, DocuWare.


“I will absolutely continue using Reactiv SUITE when we go back to in-person presentations. For me, it’s almost a condition of employment.”


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Shelby Hacala | Professional Business Coach


“The way we are now running our remote sessions with Reactiv SUITE really does feel like my clients are in the room here with me.”


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Ps. Victor Abraham | Senior Pastor, GSC Church


“I’m no longer dependent on my slides, I can bring all of my content together and create a dynamic, interactive story for my audience.”


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Nick Iozzo | President, DPM Energy


..“Reactiv made this the most fun Zoom meeting we’ve ever had.”



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