Engaging Remote Classes

Remote learning: no better than watching TV.

Your tools are failing you by creating passive learning experiences. Your students are tuning out, lacking engagement and getting frustrated. Yet these school years are critical for forging their professional future.

Existing remote technology makes it a struggle to be heard and seen, limits your ability to be interactive with students, and dramatically reduces visual and other stimuli required for long-term memories.

Students are easily distracted.


Take the ‘distance’ out of distance learning

An interactive learning platform that makes teachers memorable and enables students to make their thinking visible.

Reactiv SUITE allows you to bring all your course material, multimedia content and textbooks onto one canvas. Fluidly present, arrange, compare documents and visually markup and express yourself. Leverage the infinite whiteboard to describe any concept, no matter how complex, and share easily with students.

Benefits of Reactiv SUITE in your hybrid classroom

#1 Elevate your presence

Pin, position and scale your camera image so that it is as important as your lesson. Students need to connect with you and not just with your content.

Make your students feel like they are watching you teach – not just present.

#2 Be Visual

Add ink to any type of document and be interactive. Highlight, underline and draw attention to the topics and concepts you want your students to focus on.

Eliminate all the restrictions of virtual classes and make your students feel like you are writing on the document in front of them.

#3 Be Dynamic

Open, display and manipulate any file: PDF, URL, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, videos and images, without interrupting your lesson. Be non-linear in your interactions with your students.

Save prep time as you no longer have to create PowerPoint content for every class. Dynamically pull up any type up content based on the direction of conversation.

#4 Options For Any Space


Make your Virtual Classes & Training memorable!

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