Death by PowerPoint won’t close deals

70% of sales professionals agree that selling virtually is not as effective as selling in person!

Passively presenting a deck, turning off the camera, and talking endlessly with no visual feedback makes it easy for customers to be distracted, lose attention, and stop engaging.

Your audience will never remember anything you’ve said if they aren’t paying attention in the first place.

Don’t trap your audience in passive presentations!

You need to be visually dynamic and present your story in a way that captures attention and sustains it for long periods.

Reactiv SUITE gives you the flexibility to access, display, and instantly organize all of your existing documents and media on screen, while visually capturing feedback and notes in real-time. Pin your camera, and manage you stage presence to build a real connection with your audience, leaving a long-lasting impression.

Presenting With Reactiv SUITE

No obligation. No credit card.

Benefits of Reactiv SUITE in your sales meeting

Elevate your presence

Pin, position and scale your camera image to make it as prominent as your pitch. Customers need to build trust with you and not just with your content.

Make your customers feel like they are having a conversation with you – not watching you present.

Be Visual

Add ink to any type of document and be interactive during your presentation. Highlight, underline and draw attention to the topics and concepts you want your customers to focus on.

Eliminate all the restrictions of screen sharing and make your customers feel like they’re in the same room as you.

Be Dynamic

Open, display and manipulate any file: PDF, URL, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, videos and images, without interrupting your pitch. Be non-linear in your interactions with your audience.

Save prep time as you no longer have to create PowerPoint content for every client. Dynamically pull up any type up content based on the direction of conversation.

Make your Virtual Presentations & Sales Demo memorable today!

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