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Perfect for public environments with multiple users requiring personal authentication and different levels of security access. STAGE & SCRIBBLE are optimized for intuitive touch and stylus input and offer pen on paper handwriting experience. We developed Reactiv to make the best out of every pixel available on 4K screens and handle any workload your team can throw at it.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 10     Intel i7     16GB RAM     Discrete GPU

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A personal edition for smaller workspaces spaces which allows you to work anywhere. The entire software is optimized for a wide variety of inputs from touch and stylus to simple keyboard and mouse interfaces for complete backwards compatibility with any hardware.  We developed Reactiv to make a smart use of your laptop and personal devices so anywhere can be your boardroom.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 10     Intel i7     16GB RAM     Discrete GPU     Touch/Stylus Recommended

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