Victor Abraham is a Senior Pastor at the Jakarta Harvest Community Church, Good Shepherd Christian Church, and the Social Media Church, based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. Ps. Victor has cultivated a strong social media presence across multiple platforms, with over 265,000 followers on TikTok and more than 53,000 followers on Instagram.

Discover how Reactiv SUITE helped a church pastor transform a simple mix of slides, images, and videos into a bold, visual story.

During the pandemic, Ps. Victor needed to create a dynamic and engaging remote experience for his congregation. He needed them to feel connected with each other, the story and the sermon while remote.

The Requirements

  • The sermon must be interactive; hiding behind a fullscreen slide deck at home or clicking through slides on a stage is not engaging, the audience must be able to visually connect with Ps. Victor
  • The software must allow Ps. Victor to create organic, improvised drawings in a way that allows him to highlight existing content, and create new visual elements in real-time
  • The ability to clearly display, and seamlessly move between, multiple pieces of content without interrupting his sermon or requiring support from his A/V team is critical

The Solution

Reactiv SUITE has fundamentally changed the way that Ps. Victor shares his message, transforming a simple mix of slides, images, and videos into a bold, visual story. His new ability to show multimedia content without support from his A/V team has opened up new opportunities for visual storytelling. Adding the ability to draw and write on the screen allows him to illustrate his ideas in an organic, personal way, bringing his audience deeper into his sermon’s story as it unfolds before them.

Ps. Victor has created a public speaking style where his visual elements play a central role in his stories, instead of fading into the background, offering a uniquely engaging and memorable experience.

Outcome & Benefits

Take Centre Stage, From Anywhere

When Ps. Victor is in his church he moves across the whole stage while he speaks, making his way back to his Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) with Reactiv SUITE when he’s ready to move onto his next piece of content. Without an A/V team managing his visuals from behind the scenes, his congregation connects with him as he writes, draws, and swipes his way through the sermon.

As Ps. Victor moves towards his IWB, signalling a change in the visuals, his audience shifts their focus to the main screen, and then back to Ps. Victor as he moves away. Where traditional presentation tools create a sudden flash of new content with the push of an invisible button, Ps. Victor subtly lets his congregation know when to watch the main screen and when to look back at him, guiding them through his sermon.

Ps. Victor designs his sermons to be simple, but deeply engaging experiences for his audience. They are filled with energy and interactive elements to help his congregation connect with his message. Therefore, it is important that he be able to create this type of environment wherever he is speaking from, whether it’s the mainstage of his church or his home-studio.

When Ps. Victor speaks from his home he continues to use Reactiv SUITE to create the same sense of engagement and energy as if he was at his church. With Reactiv SUITE, he abandons the fullscreen slides that disconnect him from his audience, and instead creates a dynamic, engaging experience for his congregation as they join him from the comfort of their homes.

Make Anything Interactive

A fundamental part of Ps. Victor’s storytelling involves interacting with his content, such as highlighting important phrases and drawing connections between objects, as well as adding drawings and diagrams. This allows Ps. Victor to use a small amount of pre-made content that he builds upon over the course of his sermon to create a visually memorable experience for his congregation.

Ps. Victor often brings his audience into SCRIBBLE, the infinite canvas app in Reactiv SUITE, where he draws diagrams and animations, pausing at each step to explain how the different elements of his message fit together and build upon each other. This ability to show the evolution of an idea from scratch, in real-time, has allowed Ps. Victor to adopt a more engaging and interactive style of storytelling than traditional, static presentation tools allowed him to in the past.

Your Content, Your Way

With STAGE, the digital table in Reactiv SUITE, Ps. Victor brings together existing slides, images, and videos on screen to create an engaging and interactive storytelling experience for his congregation.

In STAGE, he fluidly opens all of his multimedia content without any third-party applications or changing the formats of the original files. Showcasing his content natively, without the use of slides to display media, has significantly reduced the amount of time Ps. Victor spends preparing his presentation material and has allowed him to expand the amount of visual aids he uses during his sermons.

With a simple swipe he can choose to mirror his second display, or have it showcase an object in fullscreen, giving him seamless control over his content without interrupting the flow of his sermon.

Often, Ps. Victor will use social media to illustrate a part of his story. With Reactiv SUITE, he instantly casts his mobile device screen into his presentation using Airplay, so his audience can watch on the main screen while he navigates through his phone, and he continues his sermon without interruption, or any support from his A/V team.

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