Become a Storyteller again !

Team efficiency improved

We believe that in 2018, communication and meetings should become lean and efficient.


Average minutes saved

Our users save an average of 45 minutes

for each presentation


On preparation

Our users spend an average of 50%

less time on meeting preparation


On post meeting

Our users spend an average of 80%

less time on post meeting process

Our solution

We designed Reactiv Stage to address your frustrations. A standard
presentation software is overly complicated, requiring dedicated
programmers to give you the professional look and feel you desire.

Designed to optimize the touchscreen experience, STAGE allows you to present your ideas and convey your message with ease. Stop fumbling with cumbersome controls and start telling STORIES.

Teaching redefined

Business evolved

Huddle reinvented

Presentation enhanced

Try it out for yourself and see how easy it is!

Once the download has been installed you have 30 days to try the full version out.
Once you are satisfied that this is for you, simply buy a license key and register it with your installed version.

Multiple Pen Support

Why limit annotations to a single user? Industry leading multi-pen technology allows up to 10 users to annotate simultaneously.

Pen Computing

STAGE auto-detects and differentiates between stylus, eraser and the user’s finger, resulting in seamless and natural interaction.

Native Inking

Annotate now, and read later. STAGE’s unique feature lets you store your annotations in the document’s original format.

Screen Sharing

Reach a wider audience by projecting your actions and annotations onto a second screen. All it takes is one simple flick.

Web Content

Explore and navigate any content on the web. Manipulate, annotate and save it just like any other document.

Smart Zoom

Let your audience see every detail. Zoom into content with a tap of a single finger and zoom out with two.

Auto Arrange

Need an overview of your onscreen content in a snap? STAGE’s smart algorithm optimizes the viewability of onscreen content.

Collapse All

Starting over with a clean slate is a breeze. With just one touch, all files are returned to the dock so you can begin your next presentation.


Capture every detail of a presentation or meeting by taking a snapshot of the entire screen. You can even annotate directly on the snapshot.


Jot down notes in an instant with the on-demand whiteboard. Keep your thoughts together without ever leaving STAGE.

On-The-Run Mode

Don’t waste a second getting started. Just plug in your USB flash drive and explore your content right away.

Responsive Layout

STAGE works seamlessly with any screen size, resolution or aspect ratio. The presentation canvas adapts to maximize the visual impact.

Try it Free for 30 Days.

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