Traditional remote meetings hinder creativity

Traditional screen sharing makes it messy to access multimedia content, highlight connections, share feedback, and visually communicate concepts.

Ideas from remote participants cannot be easily expressed, compared and contrasted.

Remote brainstorming meetings are more painful than productive!

Express ideas as effectively as if you were together

Bring all of your design files and content together in a single workspace; instantly capture feedback, visually communicate relationships, and compare different options without ever switching between applications and windows.

Brainstorming With Reactiv SUITE

No obligation. No credit card.

Benefits of Reactiv SUITE in your brainstorming session

Elevate your presence

Pin, position and scale your camera image so you can be side-by-side with your design files. Connecting with your audience is critical for getting buy in.

Make your remote audience feel like they are having a conversation with you – not watching you present.

Be Visual

Add ink to any type of document and be interactive during your presentation. Highlight, underline and draw attention to help you formulate a coherent idea.

Make your remote brainstorming meetings as memorable as if everyone was in the same room.

Be Dynamic

Open, display and manipulate any file: PDF, URL, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, videos and images, without interrupting your vision. Be non-linear in your interactions with your audience.

Save prep time as you no longer have to create PowerPoint content for every concept and change.

Make your Virtual Design Meetings memorable!

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