Standard whiteboarding software can be overwhelming and overly complicated. Reactiv SCRIBBLE was designed and optimized to address existing challenges and frustrations that will enhance the touchscreen experience.

SCRIBBLE is a whiteboard that serves as a powerful brainstorming and layout tool. Its main feature is an infinite canvas that teams can use to create a layout that combines a variety of different file types and natural writing into meaningful pages that can be shared.

Improve collaboration – Enhance team efficiencies


infinite canvas

An infinite work space

work with any file

No need for additional Software

Powerful Pagination

Save & share the way YOU want

smart insert

Create any needed space between object / annotation

Multi Stylus support

2 people can collaborate & annotate on the same screen

smart rip

Rip pages or frames from any document and video

Infinite Canvas

With SCRIBBLE the work area is adaptable and will expand as you are creating content. This infinite Canvas, allow your team to annotate and share ideas immediately.

Work with Any File

SCRIBBLE with its powerful layout capabilities, can natively open and resize any file format:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, PNG, MP4, AVI, and many more

Powerful Pagination

Dynamically create PDF pages in the middle of a meeting and share important sections that are relevant with the team. Save & share in three simple clicks.

Reactiv Multi Touch Software
out of your investment

Smart Insert

SCRIBBLE can create new writing space anywhere on the canvas by moving existing content to the left, right, above, and below. It also can lasso an area and move content to a new location using simple gestures.

Multi Stylus support

SCRIBBLE supports multi stylus’ allowing multiple users to collaborate & annotate on the same screen on the same document or multiple documents.

Smart Rip

As if you were working with paper, you can easily rip out pages from any type of document and arrange them into custom layouts. This is essential when brainstorming and content must be collected from multiple sources in order to get a point across.

One software with infinite possibilities





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