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Check out how RICOH USA uses Reactiv SUITE to overcome the limitations of a virtual meeting to showcase product demos

How do you engage with clients and create a memorable experience during a remote meeting?

The Requirements

  • Clients should be actively engaged in the presentation
  • Remote members of hybrid meetings must feel included, and not as if they are a “second class citizen”
  • Presentations must be easy to follow and stand out from typical remote meetings
  • Technical presentations that involve videos, schematics, layouts, product data sheets and websites must be delivered fluidly

The Solution

By using Reactiv SUITE in their hybrid meetings, RICOH USA was able to elevate everyone’s experiences and bring customers and presenters together.

They are able to draw and hold the audiences’ attention in a Reactiv SUITE presentation. It allowed them to make their customers to be as engaged as if they were in a face to face meeting, even when remote.

With Reactiv SUITE, RICOH USA was able to boost their presentations and differentiate themselves in remote meetings and deliver a better experience for their clients.

Outcome & Benefits

Bring the Meeting to the Clients

Back before the pandemic, salespeople like Tom D’Arcy would have to physically bring their equipment and files to their clients in order to have a successful meeting.

With Reactiv SUITE, this is no longer the case. He is now able to leverage all the data on his personal laptop, or in OneDrive, and import them into the Reactiv SUITE presentation. With one click of a button, he is able to fluidly present, arrange, compare and ink up documents to draw attention.

Tom is able to make his meetings more memorable for his customers.

Consistent Engagement for All Parties

Whether the audience is in the room with Tom, or behind a screen, he is able to deliver a consistent meeting experience for everyone and maintain their engagement throughout the presentation.

With Reactiv SUITE, Tom D’Arcy is able to bring his “A” game when it any presentation. With the ability to pin multimedia content and cameras, it becomes easy for him to not only show digital content but show and demo devices in the room .

To further help with retention, following the meeting, he saves the changes with ink and markup and provides them to clients so they can remember exactly what was discussed during the meeting.

Eliminate Fatigue

With the pandemic, remote meetings and online video calls have become a staple of the modern lifestyle. Many go through multiple calls in one day, with each call being formatted almost identically to one another. With remote meetings being so mundane, many of us have developed a sort of “Zoom fatigue”.

Reactiv SUITE says goodbye to that fatigue. By providing a personalized touch to ones presentations through inking, cameras and facing your audience, remote meetings get a jolt of energy and are able to stand out in the memories of the audience just as well as any in person meeting could.

When you captivate, you change minds!
When you engage, you close!
Stand out and be remembered!
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