About Us

Vizetto is a Canadian software company that is changing the way the world communicates. Through our software platform, Reactiv SUITE, we help to make your meetings memorable, elevate your remote meeting presence, share your documents and media, engage with your audiences in hybrid and remote work environments. Our software helps you stand out in any remote meeting and help your audiences focus so they retain more information and create a connection with you and your presentation.

The Team

Avanindra Utukuri

Over 20+ years of experience designing and bringing technology products to market. Serial founder.

Jenny Ma


Over 10+ years in various industries ranging from food and beverage, financial services, corporate consultation, and technology.

Jason King


Over 10+ years of experience in software development, previously worked in technical computer graphics and 3D animation.

Margaret Atwood

Board Member

Globally renowned author of more than forty books of fiction, poetry and critical essays.

David Devor

Board Member

Over 30 years in several executive leadership roles, developing and executing product development, sales, marketing, and operational leadership strategies.

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