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Sales Enablement – Discover how Reactiv SUITE helped DocuWare streamline their product demonstrations by breaking through the limitations of traditional remote presentations.

About DocuWare

DocuWare is one the world’s leading document management and workflow automation companies, with over 300 employees, 650 resellers, and 14,000 customers around the world. With a state-of-the-art platform that allows firms to manage, process and utilize business information DocuWare offers comprehensive features for digitizing information and business processes through multitenant SaaS public cloud services, traditional on-premises deployments, and a range of hybrid solutions.

The Challenge

When Michael Gale, a Senior Sales Director at DocuWare, was suddenly forced to master the art of the remote presentation due to the COVID-19 pandemic he found himself in the difficult position of having to adapt a complex product demonstration to fit within the limitations of traditional screen sharing tools.

To show the full user experience Michael needed to display his mobile device and the DocuWare platform at the same time, highlighting how the two seamlessly communicate in real-time. Using a mix of third-party conferencing and screen sharing tools created an unreliable and disconnected experience for his audience, often losing their attention at critical parts of his presentation.

The Solution

Moving his full presentation into Reactiv SUITE allowed Michael to seamlessly transition between the multiple devices needed throughout the product demonstration without relying on third-party support, offering his audience a fluid, genuine user experience.

Without changing any of his original content Michael has transformed his presentation style and product demonstration, leading to increased levels of engagement and improved client participation in the discovery process, ultimately resulting in a higher close rate and more seamless onboarding for new clients.


DocuWare’s Requirements Were Clear

  • Presenters need to connect with their audience in a way that traditional video conferencing tools do not facilitate, establishing stronger, more meaningful relationships with clients
  • The remote product demonstration must highlight the accessibility of DocuWare’s user interface, showcasing the genuine user experience with multiple devices interacting, all in real-time
  • Everyone involved in the client discovery and onboarding process must have access to the most recent information and updated material over the full lifecycle of the project

Multiple Devices, One Screen

With STAGE, the digital table in Reactiv SUITE, Michael creates a dynamic presentation experience and elevates his product demonstration beyond what people expect, even in-person.

Instead of being restricted by a linear presentation format, Michael transitions fluidly from his opening PowerPoint into his demonstration; swiping his deck away to show his phone app mirroring onto the workspace, next to a PDF with a QR code, and a second camera showing him interacting with his IWB.

Without leaving the Reactiv SUITE environment the audience can watch Michael’s phone screen as he scans the QR code and live demos the COVID-19 Screening app. As he submits his information, he begins mirroring his laptop screen, via Miracast, to demonstrate the backend of the DocuWare platform as it processes the information he just submitted through his phone.


Give Your Projects Room To Grow

As the initial part of the sales cycle concludes, Michael enhances the client discovery and onboarding process with SCRIBBLE, Reactiv SUITE’s infinite canvas, making traditional whiteboards feel like a relic of the past.

Conducting the full discovery and onboarding process in SCRIBBLE allows Michael to record the client’s information directly onto the canvas, pinning material such as documents, images, screenshots, and any other piece of digital content alongside for reference.

As the client’s requirements evolve and the project expands over time SCRIBBLE will keep their content on the canvas, saving team members from filling their phones with rushed photos of whiteboards taken in fear that their work may be erased before their next meeting.

At the end of each meeting Michael uses the Paginate feature to instantly save their updated work as a PDF to his server so he can email it to everyone involved in the project, including those who weren’t able to attend the meeting.


Welcome To Your New Home Boardroom

Using Reactiv SUITE’s built-in features Michael is able to seamlessly combine his interactive whiteboard with a front-facing camera and monitor to create a studio-like presentation space in his own home, allowing him to stand out from the sea of endless conference calls his clients are participating in.

With Reactiv SUITE, Michael alternates between presenting his content in fullscreen and showing his webcam, producing a more engaging presentation by allowing his personality and natural body language to re-introduce the human element that is lost with traditional screen sharing. With Reactiv SUITE Michael turned his home office into his personal Home Boardroom.

Engaging Remote Presentations

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