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Reactiv SUITE Basics

Remote meetings actually disconnect us! For the future success of remote/hybrid work we need to find ways to transform the remote meeting experience. 

As presenters, we usually stare at a wall of blank stares, or worse, icons showing cameras turned off. This makes it very difficult for the presenter to focus or build any energy.


As an audience member, our experience is no better! Most presenters are forced to share their screen, where the static deck takes over and the presenter becomes a tiny postage stamp at the bottom of the screen. 

The presentation quickly becomes a passive experience where we quickly tune out and barely pay attention. 

This is not the fault of the presenter or the audience, but the video conferencing tool. Most remote meeting tools make the assumption that the slide deck should be the main focus, when in fact, the presenter or the person has to the main focus.

People want to participate in conversations… not watch a presentation.

People want to connect with other people… not stare at a static deck.

We need to have conversations and engage each other in remote presentations. 

Reactiv SUITE is the only tool built around the science of engagement. We took the time to learn what makes real life meetings effective and are committed to duplicate this experience in a remote meeting. We want to make you, the host, and your audience feel like you are in the same room – together. We want to help you create that shared meeting experience where you remember each other. 

There are three basic steps. 

1. Manage your camera and help you to stand out

2. Help you to ink and mark-up your content so you can guide your audiences’ attention

3. Integrate your brand, content and message in a way that you will create long-term memories