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Ink, Markup & Highlight

Inking and highlighting information is more important, especially in a remote meeting, than many presenters realize. Normally in a remote meeting, your audience is passively listening to your voice but reading or looking at something else. There is no connection between your visual and auditory senses. This causes a significant drop in the ability to remember information long term. When you talk about something, and highlight the fact or ink and point out a concept, your audience will read, see, listen and process the information using all their sense together. This can dramatically improve long term retention of information – which is critical for decision making.

Reactiv STAGE allows you to not only mark-up and ink on documents, but all the ink is saved back as editable objects into the original file! That means you can ink and save this ink for future edits or for sharing notes back with your team. Ink directly into PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF documents. Ink and save screenshots from your phone and tablet. The possibilities are endless.


Native Inking

Reactiv STAGE’s ability save the ink back into the source document is essential for meeting follow up and for creating meaningful notes. Share your ink notes back into Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents and PowerPoint decks. This allows you to fix mistakes and highlight changes that are easier to understand and reduce mistakes. All of the ink can be easily deleted, or hidden in the document with one click.