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We have the tools to transform your presentation and make you stand out!

If you’re a presenter, teacher, trainer or coach, you know better than anyone that engaging your audiences in remote/hybrid meetings can be very difficult. Luckily, Reactiv SUITE was designed with YOU in mind! We are the only tool that helps you stand out and elevate your executive presence during any virtual meeting. Pin and resize your camera, throw up any type of document and begin takin your presentations to the next level today!

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The best presenter mode & whiteboard for ANY video conferencing platform

Active Engagement – Based on Neuroscience!


Reactiv SUITE is based on the principles of neuroscience and leverages cognitive learning models to improve how we interact. Transform any hybrid/remote meeting to make your audiences feel more connected, pay more attention, and retain more information.

Reinforcement Learning

Writing and repeating your message visually will help emphasize your point and help audiences retain information for a longer period of time.



Giving your presentation a clear focal point helps audience members maintain engagement with what they are seeing. They are less likely to be distracted by visual clutter and as a result are more active with the presentation.


Executive Presence

People want to talk to people. You are more important than the deck. Don’t be a postage stamp – Stand out!

Neuroscience of Reactiv SUITE

Engage, Stand Out, and Transform Your Remote Meetings today!

Whether it’s in front of your boss, teacher, students, clients or peers, we have the best remote meeting software to help make your meetings memorable! Reactiv SUITE is a tool is designed around the principles of neuroscience to help any presenter engage and hold the audiences’ attention for an extended period.

Different Apps for Different Meetings

All included with Reactiv SUITE

Reactiv Pitch

Present one file

Perfect for townhalls, keynotes, pitches & product demos

Reactiv Stage

Present multiple files

Perfect for design discussions, classrooms & interactive meetings

Interactive whiteboard

Perfect for strategizing, collaboration & brainstorming sessions

Engage your audience & eliminate remote meeting fatigue!

Reactiv SUITE is the best virtual meeting platform that allows you to quickly create engaging and dynamic presentations that will transform your remote meetings!

Say goodbye to boring, unproductive meetings

Built for presenters by presenters, Reactiv SUITE’s exclusive features allow for more productive and engaging sessions for all audience members both virtual and in-person.

Swipe to see the difference!

Regular Presentations
Reactiv-ized Presentations

Our customers love us!

Thomas C.
Thomas C.
The best video conference presentation solution that works with any video conference platform! Overall experience is great as it makes me standout 500% compare to others when I present in remote and hybrid meeting! ☺The intuitive graphical way of manipulating contents, camera inputs, wireless casting devices. ☹Currently only works on Windows, would be nice to have a MAC version.
Dale O.
Dale O.
Was Great, has lost its luster Two years ago this got us in the door with customers. Great functionality and the ease of use was superb. Not anymore. If the cost was sub$100 per customer, maybe, but the current costs are too expensive. ☺Ease of use, integrates well with flat panel displays ☹Everything about the move away from the one-time licenses to the pay per monthly model. Cost is not reflected in the value. A modest yearly or multi-year fee would have been acceptable. But the current 2021 cost is so inflated it begs me to look for other options.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Nice product ☺I like infinite canvas and multiple content sharing from any devices. No manual required for regular users. ☹Need specific and compatible PC to run properly.
Jeremy H.
Jeremy H.
Reactiv helps bring LIFE to meetings! ☺Hosting multiple software platforms through Reactiv allows me to bring across and illustrate key messages and points more powerfully. ☹Annotation via the mouse function. A mandatory bundle of a stylus would be extremely useful for users.
andrew c.
andrew c.
Fun concept ☺Quick simple design with a fun concept and easy to use ☹Only has a 1 year free use Needs to use on a tv for best use
Gianluca S.
Gianluca S.
Good but not enough Sometimes we had to reboot the application, fortunally the user support responded fastly to help us ☺Backgrounds, users can add very fastly multimedia contents for the Incoming meeting ☹The software is not very fast, sometimes we have to reboot the application
Joakim M.
Joakim M.
Expensive but powerful Its nice and powerful and suite us well but way to expensive compared to other sloutions we have tested. ☺Ist easy and powerful, but very expensive compared to other solotions. ☹Little tricky to get the software licensed inside our network
Jeff Y.
Jeff Y.
Reactiv for Higher Ed ☺Reactiv allows our faculty to think outside their normal presentation modality and utilize a digital workspace to add efficiency to their course schedule. ☹We are a Google campus, so having the ability to log into Google Drive for content would be a huge help.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Sleek presentation software ☺Ease of use, Looks & feels absolutely fantastic ☹No option provided to include GIFs, difficult to control video seetings


When you captivate, you change minds!


Why rely only on PowerPoint or other tools with uninspired, bulleted lists of linear slides when you can be engaging and dynamic with your presentations?

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