Present Any File, Not Just a Linear Deck

We have been trained to think that a remote presentation means a slide deck. We spend countless hours taking every type of content, numbers, graphics and videos and compress them into a linear deck. Then we jump in and talk and talk. 

There is no room, or hope, for engagement or spontaneity. 


God forbid, your customer or student asks you for something that is not on the deck! What are we going to do?? Wave our arms? Just ignore the question? Or say “I don’t have that slide right now, let me get back to you”??

Or maybe we print out the document and show it to the camera? Point at it with our fingers? 

Reactiv SUITE offers a number of ways you can present with any type of content. Use all of your content. Not just a PowerPoint slide deck.


Pull up a contract.

Show a video or a customer testimonial.

Pull up the Excel spreadsheet and walk through the numbers!


Every type of document has a presentation mode in Reactiv SUITE. The document is clean and clutter-free. You can quickly react to your audiences’ needs and dynamically pull up the content to interact with. 

If your present, teach or coach..

We have the tools to transform your presentation and make you stand out!

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