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Reactiv SUITE on Mac using Parallels or Boot Camp

To install Reactiv SUITE on your MacBook or iMac you’ll first need to install Windows 10 through programs like Parallels or Boot Camp. Using one of these, you can easily emulate the windows experience without having to purchase additional hardware. Each of these programs will

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Setting up your Wacom Tablet to use with Reactiv SUITE

Here is a quick guide to setting up your Wacom tablet for the best experience inside of Reactiv SUITE; 1. Plug in your tablet or connect it via Bluetooth to your computer (if your model supports Bluetooth). 2. Download the latest drivers from Wacom’s support page for

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What’s New in Reactiv SUITE 2.0?

What’s Can You Expect From Reactiv SUITE 2.0? 1. Freemium Version Reactiv SUITE now offers a FREE version! Deliver great presentations with only a few features disabled (branding and saving ink) to create engaging experiences with no obligation. After your 30 day trial expires automatically reverts to FREEMIUM mode. 2. Reactiv PITCH A

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The Performance Mindset and Remote Meetings

It was Shakespeare that said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. Maybe he had the foresight to imagine our new remote meeting world as this is still true! The mindset of performance, the idea that our remote meeting

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The Neuroscience of Work in a Remote Environment

We cannot deny that COVID has transformed work permanently. A lifetime of change has been forced upon every individual, and every organization, within the span of two years. Digital transformation is no longer just a buzz word; it is a requirement for survival! Everyone of

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Best Ways to Collaborate Online in 2021

Collaboration is a messy word. Everyone seems to call everything collaboration these days. After 18 months of pandemic and never-ending lockdowns, we have all been forced to adapt and survive. But, as we move into the new normal of constant hybrid and remote meetings, what

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The Zoom Whiteboard Versus Reactiv SUITE

Zoom is a fantastic video conferencing tool that can easily connect many people together in an online meeting, but it has its limitations. The integrated whiteboard is one of them! The Zoom whiteboard has many different problems. Here are some of the major issues that make it practically

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Microsoft Teams Presenter vs Reactiv SUITE

Millions of people around the world rely on Microsoft Teams to connect and communicate. Recently Microsoft released a new set of features designed to make video calls a little less boring during this post pandemic era. These new presenter modes allow you to customize how

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