Online Sales Training for The New Normal

Every business in the world is trying to figure out how to transition to an online and hybrid setting; it’s more important than ever for you to train your team on collaborating and connecting with new customers in a virtual setting. But how does one navigate the ton of online collaboration software and video conferencing

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Easy to Use, Get Started in Seconds

Everyone asks me, “How hard is it to get into Reactiv SUITE”? That is the million dollar question, if it is hard to learn then maybe it is not worth it. Will I look good using Reactiv SUITE? We spent 18 months, watching over 2000

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Present Any File, Not Just a Linear Deck

We have been trained to think that a remote presentation means a slide deck. We spend countless hours taking every type of content, numbers, graphics and videos and compress them into a linear deck. Then we jump in and talk and talk. There is no

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Bring Your Brand Into the Remote Meeting

I’m sure I don’t have to convince your about the power of brand! Our entire marketing team, and budget, is a testament to that! 🙂 But, have you every thought of what happens during a remote meeting? If your brand even visible? Let’s think about

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Reactiv SUITE on Mac using Parallels or Boot Camp

To install Reactiv SUITE on your MacBook or iMac you’ll first need to install Windows 10 through programs like Parallels or Boot Camp. Using one of these, you can easily emulate the windows experience without having to purchase additional hardware. Each of these programs will

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Setting up your Wacom Tablet to use with Reactiv SUITE

Here is a quick guide to setting up your Wacom tablet for the best experience inside of Reactiv SUITE; 1. Plug in your tablet or connect it via Bluetooth to your computer (if your model supports Bluetooth). 2. Download the latest drivers from Wacom’s support page for

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