The Value of Being Able to Ink and Markup in a Remote Call

The best teachers and presenters around the world write! Whether it is an equation on a blackboard or a corporate training session on a whiteboard, pen and paper are critical for learning. When your audience watches you write, their brains activate. It creates focus and visual stimulus. When they read the word and hear the word, when multiple senses match it creates engagement. 

Blank stares, from your audience members, are not going to help you close the deal! Your audience quickly stops paying attention and you lose them. Worse, they won’t even remember you or what you said within 24 hours of the call!


We have the solution! Reactiv SUITE allows you, the presenter, to create an engaging meeting experience.

Don’t just show your content, but interact with your content! When you ink, highlight and write on the document, you duplicate the in-person engagement. When your audiences see you write, they read and hear the word. Their eyes focus on the topic that you want them to care about. 

When your audience actively reads what you write, they remember the message even days later. 

And unlike Zoom whiteboard, Reactiv STAGE and Reactiv PITCH ink sticks to the document and the page. You no longer have to delete ink as you go from page to page. You can come back to a previous page and all the ink is still there! You can markup multiple documents and the ink follows the document. It is as natural and convenient as if you were writing on paper. 

Even brainstorm and whiteboard in real-time using Reactiv SCRIBBLE. You can help your audiences visualize concepts and really make your remote meetings more productive.

If your present, teach or coach..

We have the tools to transform your presentation and make you stand out!

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