Importance of Your Executive Presence in a Virtual Call

Your presence during a virtual conference call is more important than you might realize. We usually take our presence for granted when we meet people in-person. Can you imagine showing up to a client, or a team, meeting wearing a paper bag over your head? You meet people, sit down, and talk from a slide deck for 30 minutes where everyone is wearing paper bags?

I know that sounds ridiculous, but we wear the proverbial paper bag every day when we attend remote conference calls. Some of us rarely turn on cameras, and even when we do, we look like tiny postage stamps on the bottom of the screen. Can anyone see you? Is anyone even paying attention to you or your message? 

How we show up matters!

Your on-screen presence is worth more than 90% of the value of the meeting! Your audience gets value when they feel like they spoke to you as a person… not your deck.

Reactiv SUITE is designed to help you maximize your on-screen presence. It allows you to create an engaging and interactive meeting experience where you can creatively combine your camera image with your content. Stand side-by-side with your content, or even create an immersive experience where the content is floating in front of you. Move, resize, and position yourself and your content dynamically depending on the situation. Make your audience feel like they are talking to you.

Reactiv PITCH allows you, with one click, to select various templates that mix your video and content together. Stand side by side with your content, or make your content stand out. Even jump into an amazing newscaster mode where your content hovers on your camera image.


Reactiv SCRIBBLE allows you to pin your camera on a whiteboard.

Don’t be just a tiny thumbnail on the screen. You are more as important as the whiteboard, so take control of both your image and the whiteboard during your conference call.


If your present, teach or coach..

We have the tools to transform your presentation and make you stand out!

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