Learn how to make the most of Reactiv SUITE with just a Keyboard and Mouse

Over the past decade we’ve all grown accustomed to having touch screens on everything from our phones, computers, and even in our cars. Users are able to easily navigate and control almost any application using the same motions that they would on their personal devices – making things much simpler and more intuitive all around.


While many of our users only use their touch screen laptops or interactive white boards to control Reactiv SUITE – there are still many others who prefer or only have access to a keyboard and mouse.


No matter which type of user you are, we wanted to write this in order to provide you with some of the shortcuts and various controls to make your next presentation shine.

Keyboard Commands

Here we have listed all of the available keyboard commands for Reactiv SUITE.

Mouse Commands

Here we have listed all of the available mouse commands for Reactiv SUITE.

* Additionally, if you are using a drawing tablet that has customizable buttons you can easily program any of the above commands as shortcuts. Check out our guide on setting up a Wacom tablet: https://vizetto.com/setting-up-your-wacom-tablet/

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