How to Cast Your Mobile Screen in a Remote Meeting?

If you have a modern phone, you probably used Samsung SmartView, Google Home or Apple Airplay to cast your phone to a tv. Screen mirroring has been around for a long time, and it is dead easy for you to screen cast your device to a tv and show family pictures, watch movies, or even play games.

This simple task can be a very complicated process when it comes to our work lives! Many of us work for technology companies and who doesn’t have an app or a dashboard to demonstrate to a customer? Mobile apps are critical regardless of your industry; everything from consumer, B2B, SaaS, retail, front end, back end, and even pet food!

There are a lot of challenges with remote and hybrid work. We are all stuck in endless remote meetings, but if you are in a job that requires you to demo your mobile app during a virtual sales presentation or customer onboarding session, how do you solve this problem? How do we show our amazing mobile apps in all sorts of online meetings? It doesn’t matter if we are doing a demo, a discovery call, we are in a training session, or a customer success call. It is critical that the customer can easily understand what we say and what we mean.

What is a snap to do at home, screen mirror to a tv using a ton of easy to use devices and screen mirroring apps, is almost impossible to accomplish in remote sales meetings. Some screen sharing apps support mobile screen casting but the functionality is very limited at best.

What are the best methods?

Show your phone

You can only wave your arms and describe what to do so much! You cannot describe every detail and give the customer a visual experience.

You can possibly point your camera at the screen but is that effective? Is that a great demo of your technology? It can be very clumsy.

Take screenshots

Maybe you can tediously take screenshots of your app and create a document. What happens when there is an update? What if the customer asks a question that you did not think of? This is not really a dynamic or interactive presentation.

Is this practical?

Bring your phone to your online meetings!

What if you could bring your phone into your meeting? And just like in real-life, put it on the table in front of your customer and do a demo? What if you could make your customer feel like they are in front of you?

Reactiv SUITE can accomplish this! The software supports every wireless mirroring standard. Airplay, Miracast, and Chromecast are tightly integrated into the app. No apps to install and no cables to connect. Which means that you can mirror your screen, layer in other content like videos and manuals, and pin your camera as well.

It is a snap with Reactiv STAGE to show a document and a phone at the same time! Even ink, highlight and markup the phone in real-time during a remote meeting.

Even rip out screen shots and create a storyboard! Mark up changes and create a document during the call. No more struggling to create time consuming PowerPoint presentations with screen shots or complex Word documents. Reactiv SCRIBBLE lets you interact with your phone as if it was a piece of paper being tacked onto a whiteboard!

If your present, teach or coach..

We have the tools to transform your presentation and make you stand out!

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