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Setup a camera for presentations

One of the key requirements of an engaging and interactive presentation is the ability to control your camera image, during a remote video conference call, such that you are not just a simple thumbnail at the bottom of the screen. Your audience needs to feel like they are talking to you, not your slide deck or content. Almost 90% of the engagement happens when they are engaging with you.

To this end, Reactiv SUITE has powerful features relating to the camera. The camera can be configured when you install the app, or anytime via the SETTINGS->Device Manager menu. 

When you add a new camera, the app give you an opportunity to pick the camera device, select a resolution, and even name the camera so it is easy for you to identify. This is ideal when you have multiple cameras, maybe a room/audience camera and a presenter camera, as Reactiv SUITE is capable of managing multiple cameras during your presentation. 

Finally, you can also setup your business card with logo, name and title. This is critical as your brand needs to be front and center during a remote presentation. This fosters long term memories as your audience will associate you, and your name, together with your content.